Pharma is winning the big business popularity contest
It used to be easy to hate pharmaceutical companies. Between soaring drug costs and the opioid crisis, the industry was widely perceived as one that put profits over people's health.
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U.F.C. 263: Adesanya and Vettori Get Their Rematch
Adesanya, one of the U.F.C.'s most marketable stars, makes his first appearance since trying to win a championship in a heavier weight class.
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'They let people die': US prisons bureau denied tens of thousands compassionate release during Covid
The last time Sean McQuiddy called home from federal prison, it was just before Christmas in 2020, and he had just tested positive for Covid-19.
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Thousands of Renters and Landlords Await State Aid as Eviction Moratorium Set To Expire | KQED
California has made improvements to its slow moving rental relief program, as only a fraction of the money available has gotten into the hands of people who need it.
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Theresa May hits out at Johnson over 'incomprehensible' travel rules
Theresa May has lashed out at the government's Covid travel policy, saying the UK is "no further forward" one year after the pandemic hit - despite more than half of UK adults receiving two doses of a vaccine.
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