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Ned Beatty, Character Actor Of 'Network' And 'Deliverance,' Has Died At 83
Actor Ned Beatty, shown here in 2003, died on Sunday.
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'Lost Letters' Lead To New Love And Hard Choices In This YA Romance
I've been lucky to have this column I grew up reading my way through the stacks at the Richland County Public Library and never gave a moment's thought to the timing of new book releases.
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How To Be A Citizen: Being Involved In Civic Life At A Young Age
NPR's Michel Martin speaks with two youth organizers, Calla Walsh and Thomas Chaplain, about how to get involved with civic life when you're too young to vote.
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Rose Byrne Gets 'Physical' In Newest Series
NPR's Scott Detrow speaks with actor Rose Byrne about her new Apple TV+ series, Physical.
Set in the 1980's, it's about a woman in a dysfunctional marriage who finds renewal through aerobics.
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Tiny Desk Contest Winner Tarriona Bell On When Poetry Says What Music Cannot
NPR's Scott Detrow speaks with recording artist and Tiny Desk Contest winner Tarriona Ball about her first book of poetry, Vulnerable AF.
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Photos: 2 Cantonese Women Share Their Immigrant Journey
Left: Lisa Lai, 65, dances during breaks in the shop in Philadelphia.
Right: Liang Runling, 56, stands for a portrait at Jamaica Pond, Brookline, Mass.
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Opinion: Tom Hanks Is A Non-Racist. It's Time For Him To Be Anti-Racist
Tom Hanks recently wrote an essay in The New York Times urging more widespread teaching of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.
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Sunday Puzzle: 7 Famous Letters
On-air challenge: Every answer today is a famous person, past or present, whose last name has 7 letters.
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Annie Murphy On Her New, Surrealist Sit-Com
NPR's Scott Simon speaks with actor Annie Murphy about a new AMC series Kevin Can F**k Himself that upends the typical approach to a family sitcom.
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Just 10% Of Popular Movies Had A Muslim Character. Riz Ahmed Wants To Change That
Riz Ahmed at the 2021 Academy Awards.
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