New movies to stream this week: 'Clerk,' 'Bruised' and more
Filmmaker and famous film school dropout Kevin Smith is the subject of "," an affectionate documentary about the life and career (and, eventually, 2018 heart attack) of the comics- and B-movie-obsessed auteur of such proudly lowbrow films as " Clerks," " Mallrats" and " Tusk."
That Time Lou Pearlman Tried to Send a Boy Band to Space
There are countless stories about the escapades of Lou Pearlman, the Florida record producer who created the American boy band as we know it while trapping artists in predatory contracts and perpetuating a massive pyramid scheme on the side.
Why Smart Suitability Is The Next Phase In YouTube And CTV Advertising | AdExchanger
Traditional TV is losing customers and advertisers to connected TV (CTV) and digital video, and large brands are asking questions about how they should align their ads with content that matches their values.
Review: Stephen Petronio Looks to the NYC of His Past for Inspiration
The choreographer returns to the East Village - and La MaMa - with "Petronio Punk Picks and Other Delights," landing in a place of nostalgia.
What can we learn from the Janet Jackson Super Bowl documentary?
n January, the New York Times documentary team released Framing Britney Spears, a succinct and bruising retrospective on the pop star's career and the shadowy legal arrangement that governed her affairs.
HBO Max's low-key gem 'Sort Of' is funny, tender and humane
Bilal Baig plays the non-binary child of Pakistani immigrants in Sort Of.
HBO Max It may be hard to believe, but modesty was once considered a virtue.
GHEIST: Our Favourite Albums
Berlin duo GHEIST have fast emerged as one of the most exciting duos in electronic music.
These quirky + exciting product designs bring a touch of pop culture to your homes! - Yanko Design
As much as pop culture evolves and changes, it never fades away from our lives!
Steven Mark Klein, Fashion Archivist and Gadfly, Dies at 70
His collection of fashion ephemera now fills a museum, but he also chastised the industry, all while making a name as a brand adviser to hotels and restaurants.
Review | Kenneth Branagh's memoir 'Belfast' is touching, entertaining and utterly irresistible
For its frequently painful contours, there's an abundance of pleasures to be had in "Belfast," Kenneth Branagh's irresistible memoir about growing up amid the Troubles in Northern Ireland.