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'Vax the North' pushes to bring vaccines to Toronto areas that are falling behind
TORONTO -- Some areas of Toronto are lagging behind in vaccination rates - so, the city has turned to a targeted push to finish the job.
Canadian divers Abel, Citrini-Beaulieu win silver to double country's medal count at Tokyo Olympics | CBC Sports
In their first Olympics together, Canadian divers Jennifer Abel and Mélissa Citrini-Beaulieu showed poise, patience and precision to land on the podium on Sunday afternoon in Tokyo.
'The greatest gift': Brampton man reunited with family stuck in Gaza | CBC News
A Brampton, Ont., man who's spent years separated from his family in Gaza is now making plans for their new life in Canada.
Meet the unvaccinated: Why some Canadians still haven't had the shot | CBC News
Canada's vaccine campaign has been crushing it lately, with an impressive 80 per cent of eligible Canadians having had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.
Long waits for Toronto-area nursing homes geared to cultural groups reflect need for more of them, report says | CBC News
Lily Wong was admitted to the Yee Hong Centre for Geriatric Care in Toronto at age 88, several years after she had a stroke that severely affected her short-term memory, ability to follow conversations and her balance.
City of Toronto steps up efforts to vaccinate North York residents against COVID-19 | CBC News
As the city of Toronto approaches a new vaccination milestone, it's stepping up its efforts to make sure no communities are left behind.
'Was the Astor Place Kmart Haunted?' and Other Thoughts on Its Closing
At least that was the case for all those who shared online tributes to the store after it closed abruptly on July 11. 1
"Everything just felt weird and vaguely creepy," Mr. Peikert, 37, said of the store by phone. 1"I referred to that Kmart as an episode of 'Are You Afraid of the Dark?' 1, but truly, it felt like someone from the Midnight Society was telling a crazy story about consumerism." 1
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'We Could Not Find a Sign Pointing Us to Home Plate's Former Home'
On a baseball pilgrimage in Brooklyn, how the Bronx inspired and more reader tales of New York City in this week's Metropolitan Diary.
Dear Diary:
Rodney Alcala, 'The Dating Game' Serial Killer, Dies
A longhaired photographer who lured women by offering to take their picture, Mr. Alcala, 77, had been convicted of five murders in Orange County, Calif., and two in New York, all in the 1970s.
DOE records just 21 COVID cases from nearly 20K tests in city's summer sessions
Cases of COVID-19 have remained low in city schools during the summer session, ongoing test results show.
After New York Tests a New Way of Voting, Other Cities May Do the Same
Elected leaders and voters in New York remain split over the ranked-choice system, but officials in Washington and elsewhere like the results.
Positive Coronavirus Test Halts Shakespeare in the Park for Third Night
The merriment is still on hiatus.
Gang beef suspected in fatal Brooklyn shooting, NYPD says
A 33-year-old man was shot and killed in an apparent gang-related clash in Brooklyn early Saturday, officials said.
Southern Brooklyn zip codes see high infection rate, low vaccinations * Brooklyn Paper
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Activists sue National Grid and NYC over gas facility in Greenpoint * Brooklyn Paper
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Deutsch's staff to be fired, leaving constituent services in the lurch * Brooklyn Paper
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Flatbush bids farewell to George Floyd statue * Brooklyn Paper
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BP Weekender: 7 things to do in Brooklyn July 23-25 * Brooklyn Paper
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Wollman Rink's New Prices Criticized By Local Leaders; 'What Will a Hot Dog Cost'?
Posted on July 24, 2021 at 10:32 am by Carol Tannenhauser
By Carol Tannenhauser
It was never a bargain to skate at Wollman Rink, the iconic ice skating rink at the southern end of Central Park.
More Free Art, Music, Dance and Movies Coming to Limcoln Center in August; Sign Up Early
Posted on July 21, 2021 at 10:22 pm by West Sider
Photo by Desiree Naranjo/Lincoln Center.
St. Agnes Branch of New York Public Library Reopening, With Almost All Services Available
Posted on July 21, 2021 at 10:59 am by Carol Tannenhauser
By Carol Tannenhauser
Could the End of Spam Calls Could Be Near?
The end is near on the future of spam phone calls. And good riddance!
Shakespearean Shakeup: Merry Wives Star Injured, and In-Person Standby Lines Are Back
In a second change of plans The Public announced just hours ago that in-person standby tickets are back for Shakespeare in the Park starting today, July 20th, Broadway World informed us.
Western Fires are Causing Hazy Skies, Unhealthy Air in New York
Posted on July 20, 2021 at 2:54 pm by West Sider
The haze, as seen from the UWS.
How Jose Andres's World Central Kitchen Plans to Use Jeff Bezos's $100 Million
Just a few days before Jeff Bezos launched into space, chef José Andrés got an invite to come and watch the Texas blast-off, along with Nate Mook, the executive director of his hunger and disaster relief organization, World Central Kitchen.
Can't Make It to the Beach? Here's Where to Find Orange Crushes Around DC.
The Admiral 1 Dupont Cir., NW Bottomless brunch at Dupont Circle's nautical bar isn't limited to mimosas and bloody Marys-orange crushes are another free-flowing option.
Must-See Sunflower Fields Are Now Blooming in Montgomery County
Attention flower freaks: Thirty acres of vibrant sunflowers are currently blooming at McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area in Poolesville.
Meet Elle Mona'e, the 'Too Hot To Handle' Star From DC | Washingtonian (DC)
The premise of Netflix's Too Hot to Handle is simple: Round up a group of hot, horny single people, tell them they're going to be on a dating reality show on an island, and then inform them that they're not allowed-yikes!
10 New Restaurants to Try for DC Summer Restaurant Week
Summer Restaurant Week returns on Monday, August 9 through Sunday, August 15.
Cleveland Team's New Name Is Reminder Our NFL Team Still Doesn't Have One
After years of controversy and local and national pressure, Cleveland's Major League Baseball team finally changed its name.
Fox News' Bret Baier Fact-Checks Trump After Former President Attacks His Arizona Coverage
Fox News' Bret Baier responded to a statement from former President Donald Trump going after him, and fact-checked his claims about the election results in Arizona. 1
For example, he said, "Former President Trump says 74,000 mail-in ballots were received that never mailed. 1
As we reported last week, there have been a total of 182 potential fraud cases referred to investigators in Arizona. 1
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Capitol Police Board names new U.S. Capitol Police chief
Former Maryland police chief Tom Manger has been selected as the new chief of the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP), per a Thursday announcement.
Apollo's First Lunar Rover, Driven 50 Years Ago
Next week will mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 15-the fourth crewed mission to reach the moon.
Trump called crowd gathered for his speech before Capitol riot 'loving' in March audio recording
"I think it was the largest crowd I've ever spoken before.
It went from that point -- which is almost at the White house -- to beyond the Washington monument.
It was -- and wide.
U.S. Justice Department Launching Gun Trafficking Strike Force In San Francisco, 4 Other Cities
WASHINGTON (AP) - The Justice Department is launching an effort in five cities in the U.S. to reduce spiking gun violence by addressing illegal trafficking and prosecuting offenses that help put guns in the hands of criminals.
Fact checking Rep. Jordan's claim that Speaker Pelosi was responsible for US Capitol security on January 6
"Why wasn't there a proper security presence at the Capitol that day," Jordan asked at a news conference after House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy pulled all five members he had tapped for the committee in response to Pelosi rejecting two of them.
US Sees Steepest Single-Year Decline in Life Expectancy Since World War II
New Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention data out Wednesday shows that life expectancy in the U.S. fell by one and a half years in 2020, a decline fueled in large part by the deadly coronavirus pandemic. 1
Other factors contributing to the decline in life expectancy last year, according to the CDC, were drug overdoses, homicide, diabetes, and chronic liver disease and cirrhosis. 1
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Trump Has Convinced His Followers He's About to Return to Office This Summer
Last month, a /HarrisX poll found that about 30 percent of Republicans thought it likely Trump would be declared president again this year. 1
As the supposed August "Trump reinstatement" date neared, the DHS worried the individuals and groups could shed blood as a way to somehow trigger a broader conflict. 1
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How Virginia Won the South's Strongest Voting Rights Act
On July 1, the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court narrowed the only major section of the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965 still in force with its ruling in the Arizona case Brnovich v. Democratic National Committee, the Virginia Voting Rights Act went into effect, providing broad protections against voter suppression, discrimination, and intimidation.
Many Major Corporations Have Done Almost Nothing to Defend Voting Rights
This article was produced by , an independent, ad-free investigative news site covering money in politics. Click here to support
Deposed Burmese Leaders Are Now Changing Their Tune on Human Rights of Rohingya
The United Nations (UN) has long characterized the Rohingya Muslims, a religious and ethnic minority population in Myanmar, as the world's most persecuted community.
Telecom Vendors Used End of Prison Visits During COVID to Profit Off Phone Calls
Recently released financial statements for Aventiv Technologies - the parent company of Securus Technologies - reveal that the prison telecom corporation capitalized on the COVID-19 public health crisis to rake in massive gains on the backs of struggling families.
Pelosi moves to block Trump allies from January 6 committee
She said in the statement that she had accepted Mr McCarthy's three other picks - Illinois representative Rodney Davis, North Dakota representative Kelly Armstrong and Texas representative Troy Nehls. 1
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Opinion | Why I'm Sure Trump Will Run for President in 2024
Mr. Wolff is the author of three books about the Trump presidency.
To write three books in four years about Donald Trump has been an immersion into his obsessions and fixations.
Senate panel backs $25 billion Pentagon boost, setting up budget battle
The Senate Armed Services Committee has approved a $25 billion boost to the defense budget in their annual spending bill - setting up a showdown with President Biden and House Democrats who pushed for a pared-down number.
Donald Trump Is Keeping the Money
The rub was always in the fine print.
The Short-Lived Rebellion of Nancy Mace
Nancy Mace was on a mission to find a gun that would fit inside her purse. It was the first Friday in March, and we'd come to a shooting range in North Charleston to try out the Sig Sauer P365.
Not a 'rubber stamp': House Democrats threaten to wreck bipartisan infrastructure bill
House Democrats are trying to muscle their way into the infrastructure negotiations between President Biden and bipartisan senators, even going as far as threatening to scuttle the entire package.
'Weak Sauce': New industry tool for opt-out from email-based tracking misses ID tech and key players like Facebook and Liveramp - Digiday
However, while the industry group's new privacy control is intended to stop email-based audience matching - often referred to as onboarding - it does not work for email matching done by some of the biggest purveyors of those services: Facebook and LiveRamp. 1
"Those details still have to be ironed out," said Anthony Matyjaszewski, NAI's vp of compliance, regarding Google's opt-out implementation. 1
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A priest's phone location data outed his private life. It could happen to anyone.
"This is the first instance that I know of, of this data being used by a journalistic entity to track a specific person and weaponize their private, secretly collected information against them," said Bennett Cyphers, a staff technologist at the Electronic Frontier Foundation,a digital-rights organization. 1"This is exactly the kind of privacy threat advocates have been describing for years." 1
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Moving fast and breaking things cost us our privacy and security
In my role at Y Combinator as director of admissions, I saw hundreds of startup pitches. 1Many shared a particular attribute: They followed the path of quickly growing users and monetizing the data extracted from the user. 1
Some companies, like Facebook, lived by the mantra "move fast, break things." 1
And that happened because of a growth-at-all-costs mindset. 1
It's like Signal, but for your digital IDs. 1
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A new tool that crowdsources CCPA violation allegations creates gray areas for businesses
"I think it's an interesting tactic because it kind of puts the consumer in the attorney general's office and helps them in the policing function," said Jessica B. Lee, partner, chair, privacy, security and data innovations at law firm Loeb and Loeb. 1
"Similar to tools automating letters for political advocacy causes, it spits out a draft letter after questions are answered. 1
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First came the ransomware attacks, now come the lawsuits
Eddie Darwich and his wife Abeer had been running the EZ Mart fuel station on Castle Hayne Road in Wilmington, N.C. for eleven years the day the gas dried up.
Transparency and Data: The Struggle for Brands in 2021
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