New measures on freezing eggs leave women in the cold | Eva Wiseman
his morning, for the second time this week, I heard the phrase "drops off a cliff" during a discussion about fertility. The second time this week.
Sou Fujimoto creates undulating virtual installation in London
Visitors to this year's London Design Festival can use mixed-reality glasses to manipulate their walk through Medusa, a virtual installation by architect Sou Fujimoto.
What is Neural Architecture Search? And Why Should You Care?
Photo by CDC on Unsplash The use of deep learning models is becoming more and more democratic every day and is becoming indisensable in many industries.
A Broad and Practical Exposition of Online Learning Techniques
source In this blog post, I will take a deep dive into the topic of online learning a very popular researh area within the deep learning community.
Oxford Brookes University spotlights 11 student architectural projects
A workspace on the limestone coast of Majorca and the headquarters for the Wildlife Trust within a disused industrial site feature in Dezeen's latest school show from students at Oxford Brookes University.
Computer vision can help spot cyber threats with startling accuracy
The last decade's growing interest in deep learning was triggered by the proven capacity of neural networks in computer vision tasks.
Frank Lloyd Wright's Harper House Floats Onto the Market for $1.96M
There are two homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in tiny St. Joseph, MI (pop. 8,316), but only one has beautiful views and a perch above Lake Michigan.
New hustle: Pulitzer winner Colson Whitehead on his heist novel
omething strange happened the morning after Colson Whitehead finished his forthcoming novel. "I put the book to bed, and then I got up the next morning and Minneapolis was on fire," he says.
This week the Stirling Prize shortlist was revealed
This week on Dezeen, RIBA revealed the shortlist for this year's Stirling Prize, which includes a mosque, a bridge in Cornwall and a museum in the Lake District.
Dimensionality Reduction for Machine Learning
Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash What is High Demensional Data?
How does it affect your Machine Learning models?