Biden announces a new science advisory panel for pandemics, climate change and other issues.
President Biden is convening a panel of 30 scientific advisers - in fields as diverse as agriculture, biochemistry and computer engineering, ecology, nanotechnology and neuroscience - to advise the White House on addressing future pandemics, addressing climate change and a range of other global challenges.
FDA clears Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine boosters for vulnerable groups
The Food and Drug Administration cleared a third dose of the Pfizer / BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for people some vulnerable groups - the first booster in the United States' vaccination efforts.
US-French rift seems to heal after Biden-Macron call
The most significant rift in decades between the United States and France seemed to be healing Wednesday, after French president Emmanuel Macron and US president Joe Biden got on the phone to smooth things over.
The U.S. Is Lifting Travel Restrictions for Visitors. What Do the New Rules Mean?
The Biden Administration will allow vaccinated international travelers to enter the United States, including those from previously banned countries.
Analysis | The U.S. Debt Limit Constrains Nothing But Honesty
John Thune of South Dakota, the second-ranking Senate Republican, says that "the debt limit needs to be increased." He also says Republicans are not going to vote for it.
Facebook tries to burnish its image by distancing Zuckerberg, upping marketing spending and restricting researchers - Silicon Valley Business Journal
Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive, signed off last month on a new initiative code-named Project Amplify.
Biden speaks with Macron for the first time since the U.S.-France diplomatic feud.
President Biden spoke with President Emmanuel Macron of France on Wednesday for the first time since the United States and Britain entered into a broad new defense arrangement with Australia that scuttled a $60 billion French project to build submarines, and led France to declare its oldest ally had delivered a "knife to the back."
Is China stepping up its ambition to supplant US as top superpower?
t may have been an inelegantly, even ineptly, executed pivot, gratuitously alienating key allies, but by leaving Afghanistan and forming the Australian, US and UK security pact in the Indo-Pacific, Joe Biden has at least cleared the decks to focus on his great foreign policy challenge - the systemic rivalry with China.
US, France to meet in October amid submarine dispute
PARIS - France will send its ambassador back to Washington next week after French President Emmanuel Macron and President Joe Biden agreed in a phone call Wednesday to meet next month over a submarine dispute.
International embarrassment over suggestion UK would join North American trade pact
The UK has distanced itself from an "unprofessional" and "frankly embarrassing" plan to try and join a North American trade pact, just 24 hours after mooting the idea.