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HSBC boosts bonus pool by 50% as profits more than quadruple
HSBC has increased its bankers' bonus pool by 50% after profits grew by more than fourfold in the second quarter thanks to an economic rebound in key markets including the UK. 1
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FTC rejects Facebook's justification for cutting off researchers as 'inaccurate'
The Federal Trade Commission has dismissed as "inaccurate" Facebook's claim that it cut off a group of researchers' access to data to comply with a privacy agreement with the agency, according to a letter obtained by The Washington Post.
Richard Trumka, powerful labor organizer who led AFL-CIO, dies at 72
Richard Trumka, a third-generation coal miner who became one of the nation's most politically influential labor leaders, representing more than 12 million workers as the president of the AFL-CIO, died Aug. 5 at 72.
Apple unveils plans to scan phones for child pornography, sexual messages to minors
Apple unveiled a sweeping new set of software tools Thursday that will scan iPhones and other devices for child pornography and text messages with explicit content and report users suspected of storing illegal pictures on their phones to authorities.
Why Your Company Needs Revenue Operations to Drive Transformation - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM HUBSPOT
When you drive a car, you know intuitively how to operate it to get to your destination.
Analysis | Why a Historic Eviction Wave Still Looms Over the U.S.
With nearly 10 million people in the U.S. out of work and pandemic safety-net programs set to expire within months, Americans are having to stretch financially to keep a roof over their heads.
DeSantis Blasts Other Forty-nine States for Making Florida Look Bad
TALLAHASSEE ( The Borowitz Report)-In his most scathing assignment of blame to date, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis blasted the other forty-nine states for conspiring to make his own look bad.
Predatory Banks at Walmarts Made Over 100 Percent of Profits From Overdraft Fees
Three national banks that partner with Walmart are wholly dependent on overdraft fees extracted from low-income shoppers.
Amazon delays office return to January, but doesn't require vaccinations
SEATTLE - Amazon joined a growing list of large employers delaying the date that workers will return to its offices as the highly contagious delta variant continues to spread.
Good vibes: The secrets behind the PS5 controller
"Astro's Playroom," which comes free with the PlayStation 5, is a showcase for the PlayStation brand and the new console's features - particularly the new DualSense controller.