Labour pledges crackdown on private equity
The party promised to introduce the measure if it won the next election, saying it could raise £440m a year.
Elizabeth Warren Calls for Ban on Federal Reserve Officials Trading Stocks
After it was revealed that top Federal Reserve officials had made several large stock trades, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) has called for regional Fed banks to stop allowing Fed officials to trade stocks altogether.
What could stop the startup boom?
We've spent so long staring at record venture capital results around the world from Q2 that it's nearly Q3.
We've seen record results from cities, countries, and regions.
Analysis | How 'OpEx' Is Shaking Up the Third Week of the Month
Since January, stocks have lurched lower in the third week of most months. That happens to be in the run-up to the date on which most stock options expire, the third Friday of the month.
Real Fake Bridges - 99% Invisible
In the early 1990s, a block of European countries embarked on a pretty wild experiment. They decided to get rid of all their money and to replace it with a single common currency.
Despite Inflation, Investors Aren't Pouring Into Real Estate
Inflation over that window was 11 percent. 1
REITs lagged behind stocks in one of those eight periods and failed to outpace inflation during three of them, according to Green Street. 1
The argument for real estate is that when leases reset, landlords can often pass along the increases in their operating costs by raising rents at a time when wages are also increasing. 1
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So, You're Saving For a House. Where Should You Keep the Down Payment Money?
The average first-time homebuyer puts down 6% of the property's value at closing, according to the National Association of Realtors.
Rolls-Royce needs jets in the air - and government on its side for the long haul
efence industry executives and analysts are starting to grow weary of interventions from across the Atlantic.
JPMorgan Says Cryptocurrency Markets Are 'Looking Frothy' - Markets and Prices Bitcoin News
Crypto Markets Look Frothy, According to JPMorgan
JPMorgan published a note Wednesday on the stock market and cryptocurrencies.