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Romance Writers Of America Was Doing Better With Race Until A Recent Award Choice
There is a saying a friend with Louisiana roots has about people who keep doing the same thing, even while that keeps yielding less-than-felicitous results.
Go Ahead and Quit
You know when it's time to call it
The Genealogy of Disaster - The Paris Review
We walked over to the olive trees, he and I. There were three of them, and some little holm oaks.
If You Name Your Book 'Not a Happy Family,' People Will Buy It
FLESH AND BLOOD Who wouldn't be drawn to a book called "Not a Happy Family"? Shari Lapena's novel makes an entrance on the hardcover fiction list at No. 3.
A Book to Help Children Understand the Effects of Environmental Racism | KQED
In the children's book Annalise's Cough, two young girls grow to understand the impacts of environmental racism and its connections to their personal health.
DC Literary Agent Howard Yoon on His First Time Rejecting a Book That Went On to a Big-Money Deal | Washingtonian (DC)
"In 1995, I had only been working a couple of years. At the time, I thought I wanted to represent fiction in the world of publishing. You get a lot of bad fiction, so it's a really tough road.
Farmer Offers Stark Time-Lapse Portrait Of His Family's Land Over A Lifetime
Pastoral Song: A Farmer's Journey, by James Rebanks Custom House James Rebanks is a farmer who shepherds sheep into pastures and words into books.
May the Family Secrets Always Be at Your Back
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Book anonymously returned to Penn. library 50 years after it was checked out
It's straight out of a "Seinfeld" episode.
In Nightbitch, Becoming a Better Mother Requires Returning to Nature-Literally
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