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Online schooling is taking a toll on children's privacy rules and rights, as the whole experiment depends on teachers who aren't necessarily trained in technology and student privacy - and aren't always using software that has been vetted and determined to be secure. 1
Zoom school brings classmates into each other homes, which can put socioeconomic differences on display. 1
At Lafayette College, neuroscience students enrolled in a physiology course recently received packages in the mail that contained preserved sheep brains, which are commonly chosen by schools due to their close resemblance to human brains. 1
Stanford Medical School, for example, mailed sheep brains and pig hearts to students in its clinical summer internship program. 1
It was an eventful week for New York students (and stressful for parents and teachers): Four days before kids were set to return to the classroom, the de Blasio administration decided once again to delay in-person instruction at most public schools. 1
Despite the hassle of some of the restrictions, many families welcome the resumption of classes. 1
Bronin noted that the hackers had not actually asked for a specific ransom and only provided an email address to contact them. 1More than 18,000 students at 40 schools were affected by the attack but Bronin said no information had been stolen and that thanks to improvements made last year, government officials were not fully locked out of city systems. 1