Debut of Dr. Huey P. Newton Bust Spotlights an Influential Black Panther Party Leader | KQED
By his late 30s, he had a doctorate in social philosophy from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and he was well on his way to global fame and notoriety.
AP PHOTOS: Sufi religious order finally able to gather again
Followers of a Sufi religious order convened on a Moroccan village near the city of Nador for the birthday of the Prophet Muhammud in the first such gathering since the pandemic.
Newsom Declares Drought Emergency Across California | KQED
"We think we'll be able to manage through this year," said David Pettijohn, director of water resources at the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. "Next year is the issue.
Key Los Altos housing development site bought by veteran homebuilder
LOS ALTOS - A key but long-stalled housing project in Los Altos might get back on track after a foreclosure threat now that a veteran homebuilder has bought the site where the development could sprout.
Meta Learning and Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
In an interview, professor Chelsea Finn discusses her current research, which deals with the capability of robots and other agents to develop broadly intelligent behavior through learning and interaction.
Snapchat outage leaves users unable to send or receive messages
Snapchat, the messaging app that has been engaged in a battle with its rival TikTok, went down for tens of thousands of users on Wednesday.
How to Recognize and Address Seasonal Depression
Despair in the winter months can point to a serious condition. Experts recommend light boxes, earlier wake-up times and therapy.
Seeing friends was normally the highlight of Kendra Sands' week.
Nobel Prize for Economics goes to David Card, Joshua Angrist, Guido Imbens
Three U.S.-based economists were awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences on Monday for their work drawing conclusions from observing the cause and effect of real-world economic actions.
Tesla agrees to big office lease in Palo Alto, despite HQ exit
PALO ALTO - Tesla has agreed to lease a big chunk of office space in Palo Alto, a distinct counterpoint to the company's revelation this week that it would shift its corporate headquarters from Silicon Valley to Texas.
Tesla Will Move Its Headquarters to Austin, Texas, in Blow to California
Elon Musk announced the move at the company's annual shareholder meeting, hosted at a factory Tesla is building near Austin.