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2021 is off to a busy start for Chicago's Department of Business and Consumer Protection (BACP), which has cited 12 bars and restaurants so far this month for violating COVID-19 regulations aimed at preventing the virus' spread.
Owners of an Old Town fixture have temporarily closed the restaurant after video surfaced over the weekend showing a large indoor gathering of unmasked patrons dancing, drinking, and partying.
Pastors disturbed about how Chicago police treated a Black woman whose home was mistakenly the target of a raid spoke with the mayor on Friday, demanding more information about the city's efforts to keep a lid on bodycam video of the 2019 incident.
Jazz bassist Eugene Wright, who was the last surviving member of the Dave Brubeck Quartet's classic lineup, has died aged 97.
At least three people were killed and five others hurt in a shooting spree in and around Chicago, according to reports.
The staff at a local Chicago restaurant is receiving death threats after social media posts showed that Tank Noodle' s owners traveled to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, January 5, to support President Donald Trump.
Restaurant owners in Illinois may be itching to return to some type of semblance of normalcy, but it's going to take a while as Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Monday filed an emergency rule to extend COVID-19 safety rules, including mask wearing and social distancing, for another 150 days - until early June - after a similar pandemic regulation expired earlier this week.
Despite a weekend protest, Headquarters Beercade is forging ahead with a state-approved plan - one that's the subject of a legal challenge from the city - to open a new location in Pilsen.
A Chicago pastry chef who turned her love of cookies into a growing business will soon realize her dream of opening a walk-up window in Avondale.
The COVID-19 pandemic has left millions of cooks, servers, bartenders, hosts, counter staff, and many more (both salaried and hourly) out of work, without insurance, and with a growing fear of not being able to make ends meet.