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Your gut microbes can help fight cancer, new research reveals
"We also know that one of the functions of the microbiome [what] I call it the immune's system sparring partner.Digging into the details - These findings are just the tip of the microbiome-immune system iceberg, says Pal, Chelvanambi, and Ajami.The immune system is constantly surveilling the body not just for pathogens in the form of viruses or bacteria but anything programmed to do harm, like cancer.Why it matters - Broad-spectrumantibiotics are often a cornerstone of medical treatment for many cancer patients since therapies like radiation or chemotherapy render the immune system weakened, making patients more susceptible and at a high risk of catching bacterial and other infections.
Long COVID Has Forced a Reckoning for One of Medicine's Most Neglected Diseases
These specialists are concentrated on the coasts; none work in the Midwest."I'm going to have to work much harder to receive a similar level of care."Bateman told me that even before the pandemic, she could see fewer than 10 percent of the patients who asked for a consultation."I can't clone myself, and this was the only other way to" make room for new patients.David Putrino, who leads a long-COVID rehabilitation clinic in Mount Sinai, is trying to raise funds for a new clinic that will treat both long COVID and ME/CFS.
Opinion | Many Are Suffering After Covid, but Only Some Are Getting Help
While expectations of the health care system and the experience of illness are different across cultures, inequities in health care access could have an effect on whether patients seek care.At every turn, Covid-19 has revealed the fault lines in our health care system and society.In the wake of this virus, we would develop a robust system of follow-up care for the patients who had been sickest in our hospital, many of whom were from medically underserved communities.At the University of California, Los Angeles, Dr. Nisha Viswanathan finds that she disproportionately sees long Covid patients in her post-Covid clinic who are well off and adept at navigating the health care system and - in a few cases - can even arrange a private jet to fly from their home to Los Angeles.
Republican abortion bans restrict women's access to other essential medicine
Numerous health organizations have confirmed reports of methotrexate being denied to women since the federal abortion rights were eliminated.Since the supreme court's elimination of federal abortion rights, many states have been enacting laws which highly restrict access to abortion, affecting not only pregnant women but also other patients as well as healthcare providers.A few weeks after the supreme court's 24 June decision to overturn the nationwide abortion rights established by Roe v Wade, the pharmacy chain Walgreens sent Annie England Noblin a message, informing her that her monthly prescription of methotrexate was held up.