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What will Microsoft's next digital frontier be? This POS system shows how 'Windows Pay' could revolutionize retail - Yanko Design
Microsoft's current CEO Satya Nadella famously mentioned that his vision for the company was to make it like air - invisible, but completely surrounding every single thing you see.
What caused Amazon's outage? Will there be more?
By MATT O'BRIEN and FRANK BAJAK | Associated Press
Robotic vacuum cleaners wouldn't start. Doorbell cameras stopped watching for package thieves, though some of those deliveries were canceled anyway.
What caused Amazon's outage? Will there be more?
A problem with Amazon Web Services yesterday caused issues with services such as Disney+ and Venmo for most of the day.
Robotic vacuum cleaners halted in their tracks.
Elizabeth Holmes Rests Her Case in Fraud Trial
SAN JOSE, Calif. - It lasted less than three weeks, centered on one person's testimony and spanned topics such as financial projections, private jets, falsified documents and intimate partner abuse.
Apple can delay changes to App Store rules, appeals court says.
A federal appeals court delivered a last-minute reprieve to Apple on Wednesday, agreeing to the company's request to delay a legal order requiring it to make policy changes to its App Store that could help app developers circumvent what they say are unfair fees.
Face Computers Are Coming. Now What?
Instead of letting Facebook or Apple decide the norms of this new technology, we need to do it.
How Tech is Helping Poor People Get Government Aid
Even as the government expanded aid programs, many people faced barriers to using them. That problem is now being addressed with apps and streamlined websites.
Safety agency says it is looking into Tesla video games that can be played while moving.
The federal government's top auto safety regulator said on Wednesday that it had begun looking into a new feature in Tesla cars allowing drivers to play video games on a large touch-screen while the vehicles are moving.
How to Use Your Phone's Privacy-Protection Tools
New settings in iOS 15 and Android 12 give you more power over your personal information and when (or if) apps and sites can see it.
Concerned about how your data is being used by apps and websites?
Amazon's search results are full of ads 'unlawfully deceiving' consumers, new complaint to FTC claims
Amazon doesn't distinguish well enough between paid ads and organic search results, something that could trick consumers, according to a new complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday.