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Washington Post
2 years ago
Tech industry

Bidding war over a two-year-old minivan? Used car market goes 'bananas' over lack of supply

Used-car prices skyrocket due to chip shortage impacting new car production. [ more ]
New York Post
2 months ago
NYC politics

NYC congestion pricing will take a toll on Chinatown businesses, critics argue

The $15 congestion toll in Manhattan can significantly impact Chinatown's economy, hurting post-COVID recovery efforts. [ more ]
The Drum
4 months ago

The rise of shrinkflation: consumer trust shrinks in tandem with products

Shrinkflation reduces product size while maintaining price
Middle-class Americans struggle with rising prices and shrinking product sizes [ more ]
Los Angeles Times
4 months ago

Kroger-Albertsons mega-merger would cause grocery price hikes, FTC says, in suit to block deal

The FTC sued to block Kroger's acquisition of Albertsons, citing reduced competition, higher prices, and harm to workers.
Kroger and Albertsons express intentions to defend the merger, stating it will benefit consumers with lower prices and more choices. [ more ]
Brooklyn Paper
3 weeks ago

Op-ed | Credit Card Competition Act would put Brooklyn ahead of Wall Street * Brooklyn Paper

Swipe fees are a significant burden on small merchants, leading to increased prices for consumers. [ more ]
4 weeks ago

Both Trump and Biden reject the old consensus on tariffs

Tariffs are now embraced as key economic tools by U.S. presidents, impacting consumers and economies. [ more ]
1 month ago

Why Car Prices Are Finally Falling

Dealerships facing surplus of inventory leading to significant price cuts on cars due to pandemic-related factors. [ more ]
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