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Washington Post
2 years ago
Tech industry

Bidding war over a two-year-old minivan? Used car market goes 'bananas' over lack of supply

Used-car prices skyrocket due to chip shortage impacting new car production. [ more ]
4 months ago
Artificial intelligence

Trying to Recruit AI Talent? Good Luck With That: New Report | Entrepreneur

Recruiting AI talent can be challenging due to high demands for specific hardware like Nvidia's H100 GPUs.
Limited funds and chip shortage make it tough for smaller firms to attract AI talent from major tech companies. [ more ]
4 months ago
Artificial intelligence

AI chip race: Fears grow of huge financial bubble DW 02/20/2024

Sam Altman calls for a $5 to 7 trillion global investment for AI chip production
Altman warns of the need for more powerful computing to surpass human intelligence [ more ]
5 months ago
Artificial intelligence

Forrester: Curb your AI enthusiasm | Computer Weekly

IT decision-makers should moderate their AI ambitions due to the global chip shortage.
AI requires immense compute capacity, and the chip shortage is impacting the delivery of AI-optimized hardware. [ more ]
1 month ago

Car Deals Vanished During the Pandemic. They're Coming Back.

Automakers are now offering hefty discounts as chip supplies normalize, production rebounds, and demand weakens. [ more ]
1 day ago

TSMC CEO predicts AI chip shortage through 2025... 2026

The CEO of TSMC predicts the balance of supply and demand for advanced chips won't happen until 2025 or 2026. [ more ]
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