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Child Support Compliance in Fatherhood Programs: The Role of Hope, Role Salience, and Parenting Skills |
Non-resident fathers' compliance with child support agreements is low. An estimated 50% of fathers never pay any formal support to their co-parents (Stykes, Manning, & Brown, 2013).
What Happens If a Kid, Toddler, or Baby Eats an Edible? - Fatherly
When there are cookies, chocolates, hard candies, gummies, chews, suckers, or popcorn in the house, the kids are going to eat them. It's a given.
A Toddler and 99-Year-Old Became Best Friends During the Pandemic
The pandemic saw families separated, unable to safely see each other in person. The separation had a big impact on people across the country. As a result, loneliness set in.
Fauci: Mask Guidelines for Vaccinated Folks Could Return
According to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are considering changing one key guidance for vaccinated individuals. That guidance?
Kids Show Off Roman Warrior Formation in Awesome Viral Video
An elementary school class has gone viral for their adorable yet surprisingly effective use of the Roman Testudo formation during a class demonstration.
15 At-Home Date Night Ideas For Busy Parents
A true date night - ya know, dinner, drinks, maybe a movie or game or a show - is always a great event to have on the calendar.
Pink Wants to Pay Norwegian Handball Team Fines After Bikini Protest
Pink is offering to pay the fines of the Norwegian women's beach handball team after they were penalized for wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms during a recent match.
Surprise! Wealthier Americans Live Longer Than Broke Ones, Per Study
A new study has found that midlife wealth - that is, wealth held by Americans around the age of 47 - has a strong association with the length of life.
Watch Paul McCartney's Awesome New WTF Music Video With Beck
Paul McCartney has cracked time travel. In a trippy new music video called "Find My Way," McCartney has seemingly reverted to exactly how he looked circa 1964 at the start of Beatlemania.
Football As Life: 'Ted Lasso' Fans Find Hope at Lassocon
The first online gathering for fans was birthed in the typical fashion: a bit of a joke in Clubhouse by people who met on Twitter. And so LassoCon came to be.