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All Eight Harry Potter Movies Are Coming to HBO At Last
Great news for those planning a New Year's Day Harry Potter marathon: all eight films are coming to HBO in 2018. Yep, all of them.
The 7 Awesome, Terrible, Bizarre Neighbors You Meet When You Move to the Suburbs
So your special lady is pregnant. Congratulations! Your life is about to change forever, in ways you can't even imagine. Let's start with your address.
Where Have the Modern Christmas Movies Gone?
Christmas season is officially here and that means chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, and firing up your favorite holiday movie.
As Undocumented Arrests Rise, More Families Like Jesus Lara's Are Torn Apart
Yesterday, protesters gathered at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport to voice their opposition towards the deportation of Jesus Lara.
Don't Bring The Baby To The Bar, Bring The Beer Taps To Your Kitchen
Unless you secretly installed a Kegerator in the basement while you were nesting (you know, after you painted the nursery but before you assembled the crib), the odds are pretty good that you haven't enjoyed a lot of craft beer on tap since becoming a parent.
10 Uber-Like Apps That Take Care Of Everything Short Of Raising Your Kid
Calling a company the "Uber for [whatever]!" is just another way of saying " mobile, on-demand service for [whatever]!
How to Stop Lazy Boys From Becoming Passive Men
Boys being boys is okay unless they never become men. And Dr. Leonard Sax is one of the leading authorities on why certain adolescent males remain stunted.
The Instant Pot Is an Essential Appliance For New Parents
The Instant Pot is one of the most versatile and most popular kitchen appliances.
The Best Father's Day Gifts For the Guy Who Loves Getting Outdoors
Whether he's always down for a casual day hike and a bag of GORP, is often setting off on week-long backwoods expedition that involves him whittling down his toothbrush to conserve space, or falls somewhere in between, outdoor-loving dads always need something to outfit their adventures.
Want to Stay Fit at the Playground? Turn the Swing Set Into a Suspension Trainer
The playground is home to one of the best make-shift workout apparatuses around: the swing set. With a little imagination, you can use the seat on which you push your kid "higher, daddy, higher!"