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Hey Bret Weinstein
Free speech gobbledygook aside, would you please kindly shut the fuck up? Haven't you done enough damage, or is your ego so engorged with horse dewormer to give a care?
No cause anger
-Me driving back from an overpriced chain grocery store in Portland for wine. I turned down our greenway to our house which is probably a block or less off the greenway.
Cura CBD product recalled due to THC levels that 'could impair unsuspecting consumers' - Portland Business Journal
Cura, the Portland cannabis company that paid a record fine in 2020 for mislabeling products just before its blockbuster acquisition by Curaleaf Holdings, has run into more trouble with labels.
Jobs are surging in Buffalo. The labor force? Not so much and it might get worse. - Buffalo Business First
Jobs may be roaring back from the depths of the Covid-19 economic crisis, but the same can't be said for the labor force.
Photo Essay: Striking Scenes From PICA's Time-Based Art Festival
Editor's note: The following are photos from three exhibits at the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art's Time-Based Art Festival (TBA), running now through October 3.
Thank you, JoAnn
Once again, you're asking for a fully funded expansion of a non-cop emergency response system to help heal our streets and make them safer.
Council Poised to Approve Controversial $25 Million Contract with Downtown Clean & Safe
The fate of downtown Portland has remained a common source of hand-wringing in City Hall after the economic toll of COVID-19 slowed downtown pedestrian traffic, shuttered businesses, stalled tourism, and increased the number of unhoused Portlanders on downtown streets.
An Oregon Christian Summer Camp Gets Skewered in Hilarious Stage Show Wild Wild Christian
Like a lot of people-especially Oregonians-I binged the hell out of the documentary series Wild Wild Country when it dropped on Netflix in 2018.
Get Ready, Tummy! The Mercury's Delicious WING WEEK 2021 Is Coming At Ya Oct 4-10!
What, dear reader, was the greatest week of your life?
Good Morning, News: State Employees Given Vax Extension, Clackamas Commish Shull Re-Inserts Foot in Mouth, and Biden to Boost Global Vaccines
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