Man jailed for 1990 rape of teenager
A man who brutally raped a teenager more than 30 years ago has been jailed for nine years.
Isabel Allende: 'I still have the same rage'
sabel Allende's books have been translated into more than 42 languages and sold some 75m copies globally.
Denzel Washington Says 'Training Day' Is a Comedy
Denzel Washington, one of the most esteemed and awarded/compensated actors of all time, is shockingly down to Earth.
To Make a Profit, Dating Apps Must Leverage Data Differently
How to design referral programs that encourage growth without sacrificing profitability.
Netflix Launches The Gay Agenda, an Original Podcast Celebrating Queer Joy
Netflix has launched its first LGBTQ+ podcast, The Gay Agenda, produced by MOST, the home of LGBTQ+ storytelling.
Novelist Tessa Hadley: 'If I met my characters, I might not like them'
essa Hadley walks into the sitting room of a hotel in London's West End that is a pleasant mixture of Christmassy, deserted and library-quiet - a welcome side-effect of the pandemic.
Tackling the Enduring Mysteries of Dante's Life
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DANTE A Life By Alessandro Barbero Translated by Allan Cameron
A Theater Treasure of St. Marks Place Faces Closure
Battered by a coronavirus lockdown and conflict over a loan, Theater 80 could become another New York City casualty of the pandemic.
Jane Goodall on the Meaning of Wisdom
Two and a half millennia ago, while devising the world's first algorithm and using it to revolutionize music - that hallmark of our humanity - Pythagoras considered the purpose of life, concluding that we must "love wisdom as the key to nature's secrets."
Johnson's pig-headed reign approaches its tragicomic climax
There was a moment last year when Boris Johnson was reported to have gone awol (absent without leave) from governing the country in order to work on a book about Shakespeare.