Put Down That PS5 And Pick Up Your Switch For The Pixelated Pleasures Of 'Eastward'
An unlikely pair of adventurers fight their way through a mysteriously crumbling world in Eastward.
Pixpil The most nimble game developers borrow.
Redux: No Human Tongue - The Paris Review
Every week, the editors of The Paris Review lift the paywall on a selection of interviews, stories, poems, and more from the magazine's archive.
Writer in tech? Here is why you should run A/B tests
T he role of the writer in tech has evolved. Today, writers are expected to be more than just excellent writers who can whip up witty, cool, or professional text.
The Novels of N. Scott Momaday - The Paris Review
On April 12, The Paris Review announced N. Scott Momaday as the recipient of the 2021 Hadada Award, presented each year to a "distinguished member of the writing community who has made a strong and unique contribution to literature."
On "star-crossed," Kacey Musgraves Grapples With Love -- And Love Lost
When it comes to great writing, the word Shakespearean often gets tossed around, and it's rare that a person is able to amass a body of work worthy of it.
Sorry if You Interpreted It That Way
Notwithstanding the numerous theories put forth in your impassioned term paper, the skull? It was just meant to be a skull. Nothing more.
And Hamlet? Guy who loved skulls.
Phil Schaap, Iconic Jazz DJ And NEA Jazz Master, Dies At 70
Phil Schaap attends the Jazz at Lincoln Center's Nesuhi Ertegun Jazz Hall of Fame induction ceremony on June 4, 2013 in New York.
En defensa de la telenovela
Es narrador y ensayista venezolano.
Edward J. Greenfield, Judge With a Writerly Touch, Dies at 98
He often luxuriated in the richness of the English language, going off on whimsical digressions and enlivening the law with colorful asides.
It was a minor legal case in the early 1970s.
'I felt completely lost': the actors navigating an arts crisis and long Covid
n 2019, the actor and director Helen Oakleigh was hired to stage a number of shows in China that would be playing throughout 2020.