"We're building tunnels not walls" says Angry Birds co-founder
A €15 billion project to link the capitals of Finland and Estonia via a tunnel beneath the Baltic Sea will create a metropolitan area "much, much better" for tech startups than Silicon Valley, according to CEO Peter Vesterbacka.
Hong Kong Residents Get U.S. Immigration Reprieve
On August 5, President Joe Biden announced new immigration policies for Hong Kong residents fleeing for their lives.
Biden to meet pope amid pressure from anti-abortion US bishops
Joe Biden, the first Catholic US president since JFK, says he does not believe in abortion but can not impose his views on others.
Marine Le Pen aims for Budapest boost from Orban meeting
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Christmas turkey shortage likely, farmers warn
The government has assured consumers that turkeys will be available for the festive season.
Ministers are pinning their hopes on overseas workers brought in on temporary visas to "save Christmas".
Why is Hungary PM Orban meeting France's Marine Le Pen in Budapest?
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban will on Tuesday meet French far-right leader Marine Le Pen as the two try to hammer home their sovereignist message.
Rain Pummels Bay Area, Northern California | KQED
Atmospheric River Brings Flooding, Record Rain to Bay Area, Northern California
'The Chancellor' Portrays Angela Merkel as a Droll Source of Sanity in a Mad World
German Chancellor Angela Merkel is famous for her plain but direct style. "I have no charisma," she once complained to Tony Blair, "and I'm not good at communicating."
She was wrong on both counts.
A Jewish Far-Right Pundit Splits the French Jewish Community as He Rises
Éric Zemmour, eyeing the presidency, tries to rehabilitate the wartime Vichy regime that collaborated with the Nazis as part of a campaign filled with provocations.