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New York City

He attested that Trump would be the 'healthiest president ever,' but was later expelled from the Trump orbit. 1
Loquacious, hirsute and eccentric, Dr. Bornstein, a gastroenterologist, was Mr. Trump's personal physician from 1980 to 2017. 1
But he was expelled from the Trump orbit after he disclosed to The New York Times that the president was taking medication to make his hair grow. 1
The president of the New York State Bar Association announced Monday it has opened a probe into whether to remove President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani as a member over incendiary statements he made before the Capitol siege and his efforts to cast doubt on the 2020 presidential election. 1
"This is unprecedented," NYSBA President Scott Karson told The Post in a phone interview. 1
Senator Chuck Schumer is poised to become the state's first Senate majority leader, putting New York in position to reap the benefits. 1
But after Democrats claimed razor-thin wins in a pair of Georgia runoffs, Senator Chuck Schumer will soon be taking charge of the legislative agenda in Washington's upper chamber, and - by extension - place New York in line to reap the benefits. 1
They toured two homes, both in Hastings-on-Hudson, and bought the second one in December 2018: a 1,215-square-foot, two-bedroom Croydon model Sears home built in 1940 on 0.16 acres. 1They paid $600,000. 1
Nearly 70 percent of the city's total carbon emissions come from buildings. 1
Sleek new skyscrapers that incorporate the latest energy-efficient building materials like mass timber may look impressive, but when it comes to solving the climate crisis in New York, the real challenge lies in the city's decades-old structures. 1
A woman is in custody after allegedly stealing a mail truck in Brooklyn and slamming it into at least ten parked cars Friday night.
A slew of admitted mobsters will now be trading their tony Westchester County digs for the bing.
The trainer who was allegedly shot by off-duty NYPD Sergeant Justin Ellis has sued him and the NYPD claiming the cop had a history of misconduct, new court papers show.
Federal authorities seized tens of thousands of knock-off N95 masks at JFK airport, officials said Friday.
An FDNY EMT was busted for ransacking his dying landlord's apartment - stealing more than $30,000 in items - after he helped prepare him for transport to the hospital, authorities said.