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New York Daily News
1 year ago
New York City

N.Y. politicians demand fixes at NYCHA complex in Brooklyn where more than 100 units have water damage, mold

Decaying public housing in Williamsburg plagued by mold, water damage, vermin infestations, and lack of maintenance, leaving residents in uninhabitable conditions. [ more ]
4 months ago
East Bay (California)

Problems persist at Oakley's largest affordable housing complex

Residents of Oakley's largest affordable housing apartment complex are facing issues with delayed maintenance, lack of repairs, and security concerns despite various efforts to address the problems.
State inspections, fines, and the formation of a temporary affordable house ad-hoc committee have not completely resolved the maintenance and security issues at The Oaks apartment complex. [ more ]
1 month ago

The big problem is water': UK ebike owners plagued by failing motors

Electric bike owners are facing frequent motor replacements, partially due to poor sealing against water ingress in wet conditions. [ more ]
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