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New York Daily News
1 year ago
New York City

N.Y. politicians demand fixes at NYCHA complex in Brooklyn where more than 100 units have water damage, mold

Decaying public housing in Williamsburg plagued by mold, water damage, vermin infestations, and lack of maintenance, leaving residents in uninhabitable conditions. [ more ]
Time Out London
1 month ago

Why does this Elizabeth line station smell so bad?

The strong smell complained about at Liverpool Street on the Elizabeth line is not due to mold but is related to a pump issue. [ more ]
5 months ago

It's Probably Time to Clean Your Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles can minimize exposure to nanoplastics and are better for the environment than plastic bottles.
If water sits in your bottle for days, it can create a breeding ground for mold spores to settle and multiply. [ more ]
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