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This is the UK high net worth community that have a constant need to travel to and spend significant time in the EU," said Henley & Partners director Paddy Blewer. 2
Interest in additional citizenships is rising even as the European Commission examines possible steps to curb EU states selling passports and visas to wealthy foreigners, due to concerns it can help organised crime groups. 2
He said what would happen as a result of this bill becoming law was "completely unthinkable". 1
Relations with the EU have plunged to a new low in the last 24 hours after the UK rejected Brussels demands to withdraw the parts of the internal markets bill that would give the government power to override the Northern Ireland protocol. 1
The further Britain diverges from the single market, the more checks have to be applied to goods crossing the Irish Sea and the more UK businesses operating in Northern Ireland must adhere to Brussels rules. 1That is the insurance policy that Boris Johnson signed to avoid land border checks between Northern Ireland and the Republic. 1
Both sides want a deal agreed next month in order to have it signed off by politicians on both sides of the Channel by the end of the transition period on 31 December. 1
Differences remain on issues such as fishing and the level of taxpayer support the UK will be able to provide for businesses once it is an independent nation. 1