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Columbia Room's Tasting Room Will Return With $120 Insect, Algae, and Mushroom Cocktail Menu
The first cocktail on the menu is a margarita-like sour with aquafaba (chickpea water, often used as a vegan substitute to egg whites) and black ants. 1The critters have an acidic smoky flavor, which Brown incorporates with citrus into a sour mix. 1("You will taste the ants," Brown assures.) 1The drink can be made with either tequila or a non-alcoholic agave distillate. 1
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Secrets of the Washington Post Peloton Account, Revealed! | Washingtonian (DC)
I spent a lot of 2021 obsessed with one of the nation's weirdest media mysteries: Who, exactly, was behind the Washington Post's Peloton account?
Maydan Owners and ThinkFoodGroup Alums Will Open a Middle Eastern Restaurant in DC
Two culinary powerhouses are teaming up for an exciting new restaurant in downtown DC.
"Devious Licks" Is The Latest TikTok Prank Troubling DC-Area Schools
Toilets ripped from school walls. Soap dispensers tossed in the commodes. School supplies snatched into the oblivion.
Climate Activists Dumped a House in the Tidal Basin on Wednesday
As the sun glowed through the columns of the Jefferson Memorial around 7:15 AM Wednesday, a man in a racing wetsuit began to churn the murky waters of the Tidal Basin with his kicks as he pushed a model of a sunken row house further into the basin.
There's a Weeklong Conference About Wu-Tang Clan at a DC Hotel This Week | Washingtonian (DC)
A DC hotel known for its "resistance chic" vibe is staging a weeklong conference honoring the cultural impact of the Wu-Tang Clan.
A Ton of Popular DC Fast-Casual Restaurants Are Expanding
The smash hit "Jew-ish deli" and bagel shop has been on an everything-spiced roll since its Park View debut in 2018.
Report: Women Are Woefully Under-Represented on Sunday TV Talk Shows | Washingtonian (DC)
A new report released on Tuesday shows that there is disproportionate gender and racial representation on the five top Sunday news shows.
There's Been a New Zebra Sighting in Maryland | Washingtonian (DC)
A former White House official has reported a fresh sighting of one of the five zebras that recently escaped from a suburban Maryland farm.
A New Ranking of DC Area's Best Public and Private High Schools Has Been Released
Alexandria's Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology and DC's Georgetown Day School are the best public and private high schools in the Washington area, respectively, according to a new ranking.