Berlin Buys Almost 15,000 Apartments from Real Estate Companies
Sofia/Bulgaria, September 18th, 2021 (The Berlin Spectator) - Berlin just took another step in the fight against its affordable housing crisis.
'China's Lehman Brothers moment': Evergrande crisis rattles economy
he crisis engulfing Evergrande, China's second-biggest property company, is the greatest test yet of President Xi Jinping's effort to reform the debt-ridden behemoths of the Chinese economy.
$400M Suit Says Wells Fargo Failed to Protect RMBS Investor
Taconic Capital Advisors filed a $400 million suit against Wells Fargo alleging the financial giant failed to protect its investment in residential mortgage-backed securities, despite knowing many of the loans could be worthless.
Profit Margins on Fixer-Uppers Fall to Lowest Point Since 2011
The hot housing market made it a boon to flip homes.
For neighbors' sake, Planning Commission recommends downsizing multifamily project by half - Austin Monitor
In an attempt to appease neighbors wary of new multifamily development, the Planning Commission Tuesday recommended less dense zoning than was requested by the owner of several vacant lots at Grady and Brownie drives in North Austin.
How you can prevent buyer's remorse
After three years of searching for a home in their preferred neighborhood in Silver Spring, Md., Chris Lancette and Won-ok Kim made an offer on a house in a different neighborhood.
One Way to Help Millennials Afford Home Ownership? Build More Houses
The most valuable asset most Americans own, and the one long valorized as a ticket to the stability of middle-class life, is a house.
Quiz: Can you guess the list prices of these 5 homes for sale?
Let's play a game. If you've made an offer on a house during the pandemic or even scrolled through listings in your dream neighborhood, you know that home prices just keep going up.
Flush in Cash, Here's Where Residential Brokerages Are Placing Bets
B i g U.S. real estate brokerages, awash in cash amid a housing rebound that shows few signs of slackening, are repaying debt and rewarding investors as they push to expand market share.
Manchester to build first new council homes since Eighties as housing crisis grows
Manchester City Council is to build its first new council homes since the Eighties in a bid to tackle the growing housing crisis in the city.