Report: City lacks complete list of homelessness agreements - Austin Monitor
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 by Jo Clifton
Daycare Workers Are Quitting Because They Don't Get Paid Enough
Many childcare jobs disappeared as the pandemic closed pre-schools and daycares.
Austin Opera House could be revived as part of proposed mixed-use development
The proposed project would be located at 200 Academy Drive off South Congress Avenue.
Ready to attend college in NYC? Now's your time to sign up for next spring's semester | amNewYork
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A Wedding Dish Worthy of Weeknight
Chicken steam roast is a centerpiece at Pakistani weddings, but it's also become a dinnertime staple.
Bud Light's newest beer has zero carbs
Anheuser-Busch has announced the launch of Bud Light Next, the company's first-ever zero-carb beer.
Older Americans faced more financial challenges during Covid than in other wealthy nations
Older Americans were more likely to suffer pandemic-related economic difficulties compared with older citizens of other wealthy countries, according to a new survey from the Commonwealth Fund.
Chablis, From the 2019 Vintage Perspective
Years ago, a friend who loved white Burgundy said to me, "Everybody loves Chablis, but it's nobody's favorite."
I knew exactly what he meant.
Get Away From It All: Here Are the Top 10 Cities for Retirement in 2021
Ready to leave the daily grind of work behind and sail off into a leisurely retirement? Join the club-yet retirement is often easier dreamed about than done.
Plan Ahead! This Map Shows the Best Cities In the US to Retire
Retirement may not be in your immediate future but no matter how far away you are from never having to work again, it never hurts to start planning.