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On Wednesday evening, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Department of Health and Human Services warned that there is a "an increased and imminent cybercrime threat to US hospitals and health care providers," above and beyond the wave of attacks that have already occurred. 2
The protocols in place in our classrooms and schools appear to be effective," reads her letter. 1"We do not, thus far, have any evidence of positive cases of COVID-19 tracing back to exposure at school or during school hours, and the number of students quarantined as a result of close contacts at school has been minimal up to this point." 1
"Instead of making it about the president's coercive authority under law it should be about whether the president can support a norm that supports public health, which is in people's self interest," said Harold Hongju Koh, a law professor at Yale University and an expert in national security and human rights. 1
Some doctors who insisted on wearing a mask at work have been reprimanded or even fired. 2
Stockholm's nursing homes ended up losing 7% of their 14,000 residents to the virus. 2
The response was swift. 1
Herd immunity is still not well understood, but scientists estimate that in the case of COVID-19, between 40% and 70% of a population would have to be immune to arrest the spread of the virus. 1
While exact numbers may not be finalized until the pandemic is over, scientists are certain that the death toll is at least close to that figure. 1
They argue that the other 94 percent of deaths - about 207,000 lives lost - happened due to comorbidities or old age. 1
But a similar phenomenon is sending off alarms across Europe, where researchers from the World Health Organization estimate that about half of the population is experiencing "pandemic fatigue." 1
"If anything," he added, "there's a lot of pushback against governments for not doing enough to contain the virus." 1
"It's scientifically and ethically problematic." 1
The declaration even suggests higher-risk individuals might want to risk death for the benefit of society: "People who are more at risk may participate if they wish, while society as a whole enjoys the protection conferred upon the vulnerable by those who have built up herd immunity." 1
France's data regulator CNIL has issued some recommendations for French services that handle health data, as Mediapart first reported. 1
Those recommandations follow a landmark ruling by Europe's top court in July. 1
Under the Privacy Shield, companies could outsource data processing from the EU to the US in bulk. 1