Travis County considering diversion program to help people with mental illness avoid jail time
The County is considering using the Sobering Center in Central Austin to launch this pilot program.
Britney Spears Files to Remove Her Father From Conservatorship
More than 13 years after a strict legal arrangement gave James P. Spears control of the singer's affairs, a new lawyer for Ms. Spears asked the court to remove him from the arrangement.
Scientists Claim That More and More Schizophrenia Cases Are Linked to Marijuana
An alarming new research study found a strong - and growing - correlation between smoking lots of weed and mental illness.
DC's First-Ever Cat Cafe Has Reopened-With a Mission in Mind
If you've ever walked past Crumbs & Whiskers on M Street in Georgetown late at night, a peek through the windows reveals an astonishing sight-30 cats lounging about on an array of bougie benches and plush pillows.
Rachael Rollins nominated to be Massachusetts U.S. attorney
BOSTON (AP) - Rachael Rollins, who has pushed for progressive criminal justice reforms as the first woman of color to serve as a district attorney in Massachusetts, is being nominated by President Joe Biden to become the state's top federal prosecutor.
10 Best Meditation Apps To Help You Find Your Calm & Relax
Meditation is a practice that we all have been advised to do since our childhood, but do we do it? No, not really.
Because of our busy lifestyle, we don't have dedicated time for meditation.
If a doctor barely knows who a patient is, the consequences can be profound | AK Benjamin
As a clinical neuropsychologist I make mistakes, and I am not alone. Researchers interested in clinical decision-making estimate that across all medical fields diagnosis is wrong 10-15% of the time.
Can we buy a flat and rent it to my son using by his benefits?
Q I wonder if you can help. My 42-year-old son has a long-term mental health problem, schizophrenia. We want to establish him in his own home long term.
New police memorial honours officers killed in the line of duty
If PC Fiona Bone had turned a different way, if she had been sick that day, if her degree in film production studies had led to more work, her father, Paul, would have not spent the last nine years grieving.
Virtual contact worse than no contact for over-60s in lockdown, says study
Virtual contact during the pandemic made many over-60s feel lonelier and more depressed than no contact at all, new research has found.