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London's Outstanding Taqueria Returns With Carne Asada and Grand Tortilla Plans
Sonora, one of the outstanding London restaurants of 2020, will return after a six-week break with a new regional speciality on the menu, and grand tortilla plans.
Pret Finds That All Its Fancy New Ideas Can't Beat Good Old-Fashioned Wads of Cash
Respect is due to Pret a Manger, for simple honesty.
Where to Eat the Best Basque Cheesecake in London
Basque Cheesecake, that ultra-creamy cheesecake with no biscuit base, instantly recognisable by its brazenly caramelised, almost blackened exterior, has gone from being a dish specific to La Viña in San Sebastian, to appearing on menus all around the world with London being no exception.
'Great British Bake Off' 2021 Cake Week Was
Welcome to the Eater round-up of Great British Bake Off2021, as Paul Hollywood, Prue Leith, Matt Lucas, and Noel Fielding return to Channel 4 with the 12th series of cakes, puddings, breads, and inevitable recourse to terrible baking puns.
Lina Stores to Open in Clapham | Eat & Drink | London On The Inside
Lina Stores, the iconic green-and-white Italian deli turned pasta restaurant, is heading south west to set up shop in Clapham.
14 Amazing London Restaurants That Are Actually Open on Mondays
The inevitable recourse in songs about love, gloom, and death, there's no getting around the least enjoyable day of the week - and to add insult to injury, it's traditionally a restaurant desert.
Texas couple denied service at restaurant for breaking 'no mask' rule
A Texas couple were denied service at a restaurant because they were wearing masks.
Natalie Wester spoke to CBS DFW, a local TV station, about her experience with her husband, Jose, and a few friends.
Pistachio-Hued Italian Juggernaut Lina Stores Expands Again With Clapham Restaurant
Soho deli institution and, more recently, expansion juggernaut Lina Stores looks set to open a restaurant and deli in Clapham, according to Big Hospitality.
Essential eating for homebuyers | Brief letters
I am wondering what kind of house hunter approaches an estate agent with the requirement that they need to live near a Michelin-starred eaterie ( Fantasy house hunt, 17 September). Steven Burkeman York
The Best Restaurants in Covent Garden
In London restaurant terms, what exactly is Covent Garden? It might be easier to say what it isn't.