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LiveRamp and Lotame Announce Expanded Identity Partnership
Meanwhile, consumer attention and behaviour has shape-shifted in parallel, fracturing across more platforms, channels, and formats than ever before-from web to mobile, CTV, and beyond.
Retailers Enter This Year's Holiday Season With Important Open-Ended Marketing Questions
Companies test, learn and implement during the first nine months of the year and by the holidays they should be riding on rails.
And tech providers oblige. Closes 2021 with New Google Pay Integration, USD$150m in Funding, and 51% Increase in Clients YoY
kicked off 2021 by joining Shopify Plus as a certified app partner for influencer and affiliate marketing.
Amplified Intelligence Brings Attention Metrics to the Big Screen with Val Morgan Cinema
With audiences flocking back to cinemas following the impact of the pandemic to see blockbuster hits such as the new James Bond movie "No Time To Die", the new research will use the latest advancements in emotion AI and eye-tracking technology to measure the actual attention generated by ads on the big screen and its impact on audiences relative to other screens, including TV, mobile and laptop.
China to Assemble a Blacklist; Heap Close USD$110 Series D
China is said to be assembling a blacklist to make it difficult for tech startups to raise foreign funding and list overseas, according to a report by the Financial Times .
In-Game Ad Platform Frameplay Raises $8 Million With An Eye On Growth
Investors are all about in-game advertising startups.
Hivestack & PSI Launch First Programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) Campaign on the Paris Metro
The Tommy Hilfiger 'Pass the Mic' campaign was launched for two weeks across 342 premium DOOH screens in high-traffic Metro stations in central Paris with the leading media owner in Transport, Mediatransports via a Private Marketplace (PMP) deal.
ATT Is Here, But First-Party Data Offers A Path Forward For App Publishers
It's no secret that Apple's App Tracking Transparency (ATT) framework has rocked the advertising industry. Before the introduction of opt-in consent, 70% of users enabled cross-app tracking .
Does Amazon Ever Not Win?; BuzzFeed Hits The Market With A Thud
Google and Facebook are reeling from data privacy changes. Tim Cook warned investors that Apple underestimated part shortages and would not meet demand until next year.
Xandr Standardises Video Content on their Platform
Whilst contextual solutions for programmatic have historically been built for the web, where a text-based environment makes it easy for anyone with a URL to understand and classify content, streaming environments do not provide the same advantages.