Telecom Vendors Used End of Prison Visits During COVID to Profit Off Phone Calls
Recently released financial statements for Aventiv Technologies - the parent company of Securus Technologies - reveal that the prison telecom corporation capitalized on the COVID-19 public health crisis to rake in massive gains on the backs of struggling families.
Dockerize an Express app in the development stage
Today, we will be dockerizing a NodeJS application built with Express and run with Nodemon. The working directory at the end would look like this.
We will break down our work into four parts.
Kyle Dubas: "Once we see what the market bears as it continues to develop, we will have a better sample size to be able to open discussions with Morgan Rielly" | Maple Leafs Hotstove
Dubas: John and the staff did a great job. John saw him at the showcase in Erie at the showcase the players had organized there.
Top 4 Elements to Create Newsworthy Content - Social Media Explorer
Content is the most important information that you use to communicate with your audiences.
Pavel Nedved confirms Paulo Dybala contract talks, says Cristiano Ronaldo 'will stay with us'
The waiting game might finally be over on multiple fronts when it comes to two of Juventus ' most important and highest-paid players.
Esther Dingley family call for clarity after claim human remains found in Pyrenees
The charity representing the family of British hiker Esther Dingley says it is seeking urgent clarification after reports emerged that possible human remains had been found close to where the woman went missing in the Pyrenees.
Patrick Mahomes comments on Packers drama with Aaron Rodgers
It was inevitable that Mahomes, the best quarterback the NFL has to offer, would be asked about his fellow QB in Green Bay.
Joe and Clara Wu Tsai fund Jean-Michel Basquiat art curriculum in New York schools
It didn't end with the uniforms.
Leadership expert Marcia Daszko says to meet post-Covid challenges with careful, thoughtful planning - Silicon Valley Business Journal
Send your leadership and team questions to Marcia Daszko at md@mdaszko.com.
Toy of the Week: Meri Meri's Magic Cape
Ask any actor what they love most about their jobs, and they'll tell you the same thing: The absolute wonder of being able to immerse themselves in worlds they'd otherwise never inhabit.