How Much Time Can I Take Off Between Jobs?
Changing jobs is an ideal opportunity to take time off, and we all know that having sufficient down time is instrumental in starting any new job refreshed and recharged, ready to take on a new challenge.
After 40 Years, Abba Takes a Chance With Its Legacy
The Great Read
How one of the biggest pop groups in the world secretly reunited to make a new album and a high-tech stage show featuring digital avatars of themselves - from 1979.
Decentralisation can Improve Advertising for All: Q&A with Alkimi Exchange
In association with Alkimi Exchange.
Under the existing programmatic buying system, innovation in ad formats, targeting, attribution (etc.) all occur between the Buyer and the Seller.
How to Deal with Shame
Shame is a debilitating feeling that takes over the mind and body. It can make you feel small and incomplete while building walls around you to keep out compassion.
Colin Kaepernick knew what he wanted in - and out of - his Netflix biopic
This isn't about the 2016 NFL preseason when then-San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick set off a firestorm with his silent protest during the national anthem.
Possibly having a tumor that could kill me has made relationships different
June 13, 2016: The possibility that I have a tumor that could kill me any day has made many relationships different. Some people check in daily, "How you doing?"
Cyber experts on how to nobble a Nobelium attack
Security experts have been sharing advice and guidance after newly published intelligence linked a spate of attempted cyber attacks against targets in the IT channel to Nobelium, the Kremlin-backed advanced persistent threat (APT) group that perpetrated the 2020 SolarWinds cyber attack.
The last laugh: is the television sitcom really dead?
he sitcom has a long history of being dead. According to the former NBC president of entertainment, Warren Littlefield, in the early 1980s many people believed the sitcom was over.
You're Not Having A Midlife Crisis, But Here's the Science Anyway
The midlife crisis guy is an easily recognizable cultural archetype. Maybe he's got a big stupid Corvette and a small dumb hat to match his crippling self-doubt. Maybe he's hitting on a waitress.