Japanese artist's face masks and wearables give off futuristic, dystopian world vibes - Yanko Design
Artist Ikeuchi Hiroto was obsessed with pop culture influences right from his childhood.
Fashion world mourns 'indomitable' Andre Leon Talley
The fashion industry is mourning the loss of "indomitable" Andre Leon Talley, following his death at the age of 73.
Former Vogue creative director Andre Leon Talley dies aged 73
Former Vogue creative director Andre Leon Talley has died aged 73, his representatives have said.
'There's Not Just One Type of Porn': Erika Lust's Alternative Vision
The Swedish moviemaker thinks pornography can create a society that sees sexuality as myriad and joyful, and where women's pleasure matters.
Peelsphere is a leather-alternative biomaterial made from fruit waste and algae
Berlin-based textile designer Youyang Song has used fruit peels and algae to create a biodegradable plant-based material that offers an alternative to leather.
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Throughout the years, fashion designers have reflected social change.
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Button Metadata (microcopy)
Similar to the fashion industry, button styling changes all the time. Designers continue to tinker with what looks current and how they can get users to click or tap.
'Worst fashion wage theft': workers go hungry as Indian suppliers to top UK brands refuse to pay minimum wage
Garment workers making clothes for international brands in Karnataka, a major clothing production hub in India, say their children are going hungry as factories refuse to pay the legal minimum wage in what is claimed to be the biggest wage theft to ever hit the fashion industry.