Supreme Court turns down Northern California Catholic hospital appeal over transgender patient
WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court is declining to wade into a case involving transgender rights and leaving in place a lower court decision against a Catholic hospital that wouldn't allow a transgender man to have a hysterectomy there.
Sussex professor resigns after transgender rights row
Kathleen Stock, the philosophy professor targeted over her views on gender identification and transgender rights, has announced her resignation from the University of Sussex.
The BBC is getting slammed article claiming trans women rape lesbians
The BBC is receiving a huge backlash for publishing an anonymously sourced article that quotes transphobic hate groups to claim that transgender women are threatening and shaming lesbians into having sex with them.
White House officials denounce Texas transgender student-athlete bill
The bill requires transgender student-athletes to play on sports teams based on the sex assigned at or near their birth.
The Bully in the White House Does it Again
A memo obtained by the New York Times suggests that President Trump's Department of Health and Human Services will seek to document the genitalia of newborn babies in order to create a permanent record of birth sex.
Trans youth & parents rally as Texas advances discriminatory bill after 4th grueling attempt
Exhausted transgender youth and their families in Texas again went to the state legislature to speak out against a ban on transgender students in school sports as Republican lawmakers tried to pass it for the fourth time this year.
Opinion | Cheer Up, Liberals. You Have the America You Wanted.
Five years later the Democrats would nominate an Iraq War opponent named Barack Hussein Obama and win decisively.
Garbage lead singer Shirley Manson identifies "with this idea of non-binary"
Shirley Manson - the Scottish lead singer of the rock band Garbage - said in an interview that she identifies with the concept of non-binary gender.
Keir Starmer backs excluding trans women from some 'women-only spaces'
Trans women should be excluded from some "women-only spaces", Keir Starmer says, as the controversy threatens to open a bitter row in the party.
Texas sues Biden admin for the First Amendment right to misgender trans people while they work
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) has filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), saying that the federal agency's guidance on LGBTQ rights is "extreme federal overreach" that violates Texas's "sovereign right" to determine workplace policies, specifically when it comes to LGBTQ job discrimination protections in the workplace.