Supreme court rejects Trump bid to shield documents from January 6 panel
In a rebuff to Donald Trump, the supreme court is allowing the release of presidential documents sought by the congressional committee investigating the January 6 insurrection.
The Supreme Court denies Trump's bid to block release of records to Jan. 6 panel
Former President Donald Trump speaks at a rally on Jan. 15 in Florence, Ariz.
Supreme Court Seems Ready to Back Ted Cruz in Campaign Finance Case
Mr. Cruz challenged a federal law that caps repayments of loans from candidates to their campaigns from postelection contributions.
Robinho loses final legal appeal over rape
Brazilian footballer Robinho has lost his final appeal against a conviction for taking part in a the gang rape of a woman in Milan in 2013.
Ghislaine Maxwell's Bid for a New Trial Faces a Major Hurdle
The rule that a trial judge cannot ask what happened in the jury room could block an attempt by Ms. Maxwell's lawyers to overturn the verdict.
North Carolina Health Care Discrimination Suit Can Move Forward
The Supreme Court has declined to hear an appeal from the North Carolina State Health Plan, therefore letting stand a lower court's ruling that the plan can indeed be sued over denial of gender-affirming health care to state employees and their dependents.
Delicious Anger: A Conversation with Gwen E. Kirby
Delicious Anger: A Conversation with Gwen E. Kirby
It's been a few years since the Women's March, and since then many seemingly invulnerable men were finally held accountable for their crimes.