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9 great UI designs
Great user interface design, or UI design, means helping the user complete a given task as simply and efficiently as possible.Aesthetics are undeniably important, but at the core of great UI design is function.This means that navigation should ideally be so clear and intuitive that it feels invisible.
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How to manage challenging design clients: 5 pro tips
01. Set the right expectations during first contact
This might seem like an unusual thing to consider since the client is contacting you about their project, however a lack of knowledge around your services can cause easily avoidable complaints.It's important to clarify exactly what your services entail and whether they match what the client is requesting.
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Notion launched Notion AI to help you work faster and more productive
Notion, the all-in-one workspace for teams, announced this month the launch of Notion AI, an advanced artificial intelligence platform designed to help you work faster, smarter, and more productively.The app is now in the private alpha version, and you can join the Notion AI waitlist.What you will be able to do with Notion AI?
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How to draw ideas - Ralph Ammer
Great ideas are hard to find.Drawing makes it a lot easier.And fun.How?In a creative process drawing can play four different roles.Let's say, we want to come up with ideas for a new flower pot.
1. Study: Fill your mind

To prepare for our ideation we first draw what we want to think about.These study drawings are realistic images.
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Inkbase: Programmable Ink
Making end-user programming powerful and ubiquitous is a central goal within our lab's broader vision of making better tools for thought.Spreadsheets are a widely successful end-user programming tool, and in particular we are inspired by their support of gradual enrichment and programming in the moment.
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Every senior UX Researcher needs to be mixed methods
"Kris I need to establish a metric baseline for the [new product] that we are implementing."- Says a stakeholder on my team "Ok that sounds reasonable, do we have a list of people to send it out to?" - Says me, the optimistic researcher."Yes, I can ask the PM" mentions the stakeholder "Great how many users does this new product have" I curiously inquire... "Well, right now, we don't have any users"
It feels like it was only last week (how cliche) that I was the only UX researcher on a team of 20+ product designers.
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The modern UX grid system: Principles and best practices - LogRocket Blog
Grids have been used in design for centuries as a way to create order and stability, and grids are still essential tools for modern web designers.Grid systems help to create order and stability on the page, and they can be adapted to different screen sizes and devices.There are a few different types of grid systems that can be used in modern web design that we'll get into later.
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What did I learn from Google UX Design Specialization?
Here is the story concluding all my learnings from the google UX Design specialization course.I am following my passion as an Artist along with my college in 2019 and after covid hit, Art became my full-time job.One day while I was searching for inspiration on the internet to draw something, I saw an advertisement related to UX Design and that is where my journey as a UX designer starts.
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How to start a UX Research Repository
Anyone who has read my Medium articles knows: I love everything that is systemic.Why?Because it's the best way to build something better and bigger while understanding the underlying relations between elements.So, after Atomic Design & Design Systems, it was more than logical for me to fall into Atomic Research & User Research Repositories :)
In this article, I'll explain why I think this is the next "big thing" for the design world and detail how we started this journey at OpenClassrooms.
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Being a primitive in the Digital Age
Ancient cavemen carved stones, digital primitives carve pixels
[ Many things have already been written about code as a creative medium, this is my little and unpretentious contribution.]Fourteen years ago I had a breakthrough in my professional life: I was not happy with my engineering career, so I decided to start studying visual design.