Ten lesser-known designs by women from Woman Made
Architect Jane Hall's Woman Made book celebrates the work of over 200 women designers from the past century. The author picks 10 items designed by lesser-known women from the book.
1 book that changed the business model of our client!
The idea stage was strategically decided on these parameters
1 - - How do we get an advantage over other competitors?
Inspired by the chairs of our childhood, this modern lounge chair is a rattan-based derivation of the iconic Eames chair!
Inspired by the chairs of their childhood, Cuong Nguyen designed RU, a rattan cushioned lounge chair that weaves together nostalgic and modern elements to bring us back to the simple times of our own childhood all in the comfort of our living rooms today.
Why being "Dad" has made me become a better UX designer
I write this entry awkwardly on my laptop resting on my knees. More than 10 years ago I did the same and I wrote a love letter (via email, after all, I am almost a millennial) to the woman of my life.
Facebook Stories: social media firm launches Ray-Ban smart glasses
Facebook lives in your pocket, on the web, and, if you've bought the company's Portal video-calling device, even in your kitchen. Now, it wants to find a home on your face.
Is digital product design a good career choice for you?
Oftentimes, it's good to hear from someone who is doing the grind, before deciding if product design is a career you'd like to pursue.
What it's like to be a product designer?
Apple's just lost the head of its Project Titan self-driving car project to Ford - Silicon Valley Business Journal
Ford Motor Co. has hired the head of Apple Inc.'s autonomous vehicle unit, adding another name to the list of top managers who have left the iPhone maker's car effort this year.
Absorbing the ten pieces of advice at Delivery Hero
Immersing myself into the company culture and more
Device to reduce blood loss from knife wounds named James Dyson Award UK winner
Loughborough University graduate Joseph Bentley has created a device for first responders that he claims could stop haemorrhages from knife wounds in under a minute.
Lifesaving device to stem stab wounds wins UK's James Dyson Award
A 22-year-old who invented a life-saving device to stem blood loss from knife wounds has won the UK round of this year's James Dyson Awards.