Kirsty Gallagher: Pursue your dreams
Kirsty Gallagher joined Happiful at Wellbeing by the Lakes Festival to talk about the moon, the autumn equinox and why now is the time to follow your dreams...
Former Steelers OC Todd Haley somehow still isn't verified on Twitter
In a league full of coaching trees, legacy draft picks, Hall of Fame favorites and retired numbers, dedicated longevity is supposed to count for something in the NFL.
The L.A. 'granny flat' built for climate change: Take a look at the eco-chic insides
Most people would have sent the wood to a landfill.
Mental health charity Calm finds a new brand identity to aid their fight against UK suicides
Writer at Reed Words Gemma Wilson adds that the team needed to retain the authenticity of Calm's voice and "show how it can expand to fit the whole organisation, with all the different moments they meet their audiences in.
Unofficial video appears to reveal iPhone 13 design
It's that time of year, when, with mere days to go until the next iPhone announcement (assuming it sticks to the standard September slot this time), the rumour mill has gone into overdrive.
SAP's Alison Biggan's advice for B2B marketers: 'Use the data to drive your decisions'
When trying to create the best possible work, Biggan believes authenticity is essential.
Two pints of lager and a view of St Paul's: the secret life of London's most thrilling boozers
hen you stumble out of the medieval warren of Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub on Fleet Street, it's easy to think you've had one too many.
Apple employees demand change in internal company practices in open letter
Apple, as an employer and contractor is sadly no stranger to various labor, legal and ethical issues.
The Review's Review: Social Media in Reverse - The Paris Review
Many artists are in some sense cannibals, but the filmmaker Caveh Zahedi takes it further than most.
Ernst van de Wetering, Leading Rembrandt Authority, Dies at 83
At the Rembrandt Research Project in Amsterdam, he became, a fellow art historian said, "the arbiter of what is accepted as a Rembrandt painting."