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USPTO Implementation of Arthrex: Questions from Administrative Law, Part II-the Bigger Picture for Reform
" Arthrex exposes a number of systemic failures of the USPTO's legal culture, and presents an imperative to begin a transformation .
This Week in Washington IP: Energizing Technology Transfer, Case Studies in International Offshore Wind Innovation and Celebrating 75 Years of the Lanham Act
This week in Washington IP news, the Senate Judiciary Committee will consider a series of bills that could limit pharmaceutical patent owners' ability to enforce their patents against generic drug makers.
Trade Secrets Pre Patenting
by Dennis Crouch
Although trade secrets are independently important, they are play a key temporal role in the patenting process.
IP Goes Pop! Ep #3: Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property
Patents, trademarks, and copyrights are often referenced in popular movies, television and songs. IP Goes Pop explores the interface between intellectual property and popular culture.
USPTO Petition Process: Who Should Pay for the Burden of Inordinate Delays and 'Mistakes'?
"All applicants deserve to have their petitions treated in a consistent manner.... Inconsistency within the USPTO's petition practice should not be used as a poor excuse for further inconsistency."
'AISITAs' and Written Description Requirements: Considerations and Guidance for AI Patent Applications
"As AI becomes more prevalent in research and development, and as AI systems become more autonomous, some commentators believe that the POSITA for an AI-related invention should instead be an "artificial intelligence skilled in the art" (AISITA)."
Thoughts on Tiffany Cunningham's Confirmation to the CAFC
"As the first woman dean of a law school that focuses on intellectual property, I can say that representation matters.
Other Barks & Bites for Friday, July 23: FTC to Enforce Antitrust Laws Against Repair Restrictions, USPTO Updates Arthrex Guidance, and FAIR Contributions Act Introduced to Study Big Tech USF Contributions
" Bite " (noun): more meaty news to sink your teeth into.
" Bark " (noun): peripheral noise worth your attention.
They Patented a Better SandBox -- Obviousness IPRs
Oren Tech v. Proppant Express ( Fed.
Lots of petroleum is trapped by deep rock formations that are difficult to drill-out one-by-one.
CAFC Reverses PTAB Obviousness Finding, Clarifying Concepts of 'Teaching Away' and 'Commercial Success'
"The court held that the Board did not adequately 'grapple' with why a skilled artisan would find it obvious to increase Kaulbach's melt flow rate to the claimed range while retaining its critical 'very narrow molecular-weight distribution.'"