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Building upon this critical foundation, today the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) established the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office, further accelerating our efforts to ensure America's leadership in this critical field for years to come. 1
Just about every adult in the country needs to win lotto after casting lottery spells. 1
Unfortunately, the chances of winning the lottery, for each individual person, is close to zero. 1
Luckily, there are special methods that you can use to increase your chances of winning the lottery. 1
If you want to win the lottery using black magic, a lot of it involves positive thinking and being proactive. 1
There's no questioning the benefits of Twitter. It's a convenient way to get your memes, world news, and pop culture hot takes all in one place.
The 2021 Consumer Electronics Show is highlighting innovations spurred by Covid-19, such as the Active Plus face mask from the AirPop air wearable device company.
I don't love to admit it, but there's really no denying I was addicted to my phone up until recently.
The tech companies had the right to block President Trump from their sites this past week, and to stop doing business with an app where some people were urging violence.
We test a lot of tech here at WIRED. Once we're done testing a device, we send it back to the company that lent it to us. That's the ethical thing to do.
Spoiler: We're looking at another year of internet services dominating many aspects of our lives.
Facebook and Twitter should target others who have large followings and spread misinformation.