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Adidas Ultraboost 22 Review
When a fast runner in my running club showed me his Ultraboost 4 which has over 3 300 kilometres on them, I gained a new respect for the Ultraboost.
Dr. Victoria Sekely on Bodyweight Strength Training, Progression, Best Exercises, and More - Strength Running
Looking for a running resolution that's easy to stick with? Learn how bodyweight strength work is simple, effective injury prevention that will make you a better runner and a stronger athlete.
Episode 156: Does what you're measuring actually matter?
In this episode, we take on the importance and value of measurement. Should you wear a GPS watch, measure HRV, heart rate, power, or lactate?
Coach Jason Answers Your Questions: Side Stitches, Cadence, Off-Season, and More - Strength Running
This week's podcast tackles a variety of questions about the training process, including off-season planning, the concept of sandwiching, addressing cramps and side stitches, and more!
Trekking poles: Who what where when and why?
The use of trekking poles for ultras have become so popular, originating in the confinement of European races, they have now spread rapidly to almost every hilly ultra in the United States.
The ultimate fartlek training guide.
Pronounced exactly as it looks, Fart-lek is a Swedish term translating to 'speed play' quite literally a training method where you blend different speeds throughout your endurance run, cycle, swim, row, or whatever your preference of cardiovascular training.
Nutrition Science PhD Stephanie Howe on Marathon Fueling, Quick Meals, and Fad Diets - Strength Running
Whether you're a 5K or ultra-endurance athlete, nutrition is essential to training and racing at your best. Learn how to avoid the fads and fuel wisely for all distances Stephanie Howe, PhD.
2021 Instructor of the Year: Cheryl Lloyd
Congratulations, Cheryl Lloyd
I've lived in Reno, Nevada for the last 25 years (near Lake Tahoe). I'm a native Californian who escaped!
Post-partum bodies, running strollers and how to get YOU back to running.
Firstly, I believe congratulations are in order, Mozal tov!
How to breathe and run- there's a belly breathing technique to master.
We've all been there. Particularly when new to running; your legs are playing ball just fine, but your breathing seems out of control.