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Parenthood brings a whole host of unexpected challenges, changes and new experiences.
While every child is different, some aspects of raising kids are universal.
Your little dreamers naturally understand the power and importance of having hopes and wishes, so learning about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his "I Have a Dream" speech is a tactile way to help kids understand the significance of who MLK was.
Here, in their own words, three teenagers speak about the challenges they are facing.
Isobel, 15: 'School feels pointless - I cry when it gets too much'
New York City is bouncing some 12,000 children from in-person education because their parents haven't signed a consent form allowing random testing for COVID-19.
Kids who use TikTok may find some changes the next time they log into the popular video app.
TikTok announced changes to its privacy settings today that will affect all users under the age of 18.
Both of my parents were crazy alcoholics. Hear me out. They used to scream and fight about the most crazy and stupid stuff.
You can't avoid fighting. You can only hope to contain it.
I write this in my basement, as my toddler and infant tromp around above me-all while trading childcare shifts with my husband because daycare's out of session due to covid.
Parents can now influence more of their kids' music taste through Spotify.
Dear Care and Feeding, After a difficult pandemic pregnancy, my husband and I welcomed an awesome baby girl. She's beautiful, funny, and overall very sweet and chill baby.