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Facebook Parenting Groups Are The New Target For Extremist Misinformation - Social Media Explorer
After becoming more extremist, previously mainstream parenting groups via Facebook have changed to become less popular.
Facebook mom group is a mixed bag of criticism, support and bad advice.
How To Avoid The Doom Scroll On Social Media - Social Media Explorer
Young lady lying down on couch in living room while using mobile phone at home.
Nir Eyal released his book Intractable: Control your Attention, Choose Your Life!
The 8 Best Marketing Frameworks You Need to Know
Marketing is a unique animal.
January 6 panel targets social media companies with subpoenas after 'inadequate responses' to voluntary request - Social Media Explorer
Subpoenas were issued to Meta, Alphabet and Google, as well as to Reddit, Reddit, Reddit, Youtube and Twitter.
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The neck-snapping growth of podcast ad revenues is good news for podcasters, but it also presents some fundamental challenges as we look ahead.
Streaming hits all-time weekly high in December, according to The Gauge - Nielsen - Social Media Explorer
Closing the Gender Gap in Business - Social Media Explorer
Closing the gender gap is critical and educator Jonathan Osler has a multitude of ways it can be done. According to Osler, it's important for businesses to first recognize this social justice issue.
Facebook And Twitter Groups Found Still Offering Fake Amazon Reviews - Social Media Explorer
Amazon Shopping
A new report claims that Facebook has failed to combat fake reviews by hundreds of thousand of users.
Dental Implants Have Revolutionized Tooth Restorations - Social Media Explorer
Over the last few decades, dental surgery has made incredible advances. In the past, people who had missing teeth had to choose between dental bridges and dentures.
Instagram Accidentally Reveals Massive Design Change - Social Media Explorer
Instagram plans a major redesign which could make a huge impact on every profile.
Instagram tests a revolutionary new design.
FOREBES: MORE Google Suddenly Disables Crucial Google Photos Feature