London mayor plans pay-per-mile charge for drivers
The road pricing proposal is part of a push by Sadiq Khan to encourage people towards public transport, walking, cycling or electric vehicles.
Philippine COVID deaths may be double the current number
Statistics office has recorded more than 105,000 total COVID deaths as the country hits a new record for active cases the highest in Southeast Asia.
Sadiq Khan proposes journey charge for motorists in London
Motorists across the whole of London could be charged for every journey from 2024 under plans being drawn up to reduce carbon emissions and improve air quality.
Sadiq Khan considers new daily clean air charge' for petrol and diesel cars in London
The Mayor is also considering expanding the ultra-low emission zone across all of Greater London's 33 boroughs, well beyond the Ulez's current boundary of the North and South Circular roads.
Plans drawn up 'to scrap all Covid rules in England as early as March'
The government is reportedly drawing up plans to ditch Covid laws in England from as early as the spring.
Thick fog which could freeze forecast for most of England and east Wales
Thick fog is expected to blanket much of the UK overnight and beyond rush hour on Tuesday morning.
Boris bus' may have to be taken off road unless TfL funding crisis resolved
T he Boris bus may have to be taken off the road unless Transport for London's long-term financial crisis can be resolved, City Hall said on Monday.
China on high COVID alert ahead of Lunar New Year: Live
China has reported the highest number of cases since March 2020 despite a strict zero COVID' policy.
Italian nurse accused of giving fake Covid jabs to anti-vaxxers arrested
Italian police have arrested a nurse in Palermo for allegedly pretending to give Covid vaccines to anti-vaxxer activists so they could benefit from official health certificates to travel and access bars, restaurants and public transport in the country.
Overview: Berlin's Corona Regulations
Berlin, January 15th, 2022 (The Berlin Spectator) - On Friday of last week, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the Governors of Germany's sixteen states decided to implement new Corona rules.