How to train Neural Networks like a pro!
Photo by Meghan Holmes on Unsplash While stepping into the world of deep learning, a lot of developers try to build neural networks and face disappointing results.
Telehealth leapt forward with COVID-19. Who was left behind?
When Johnnett Kent learned she had lung cancer, the COVID-19 pandemic was already descending on California.
Don't be fooled - the UK economy is not having a rerun of the 1970s | Larry Elliott
he past few days have had a hint of the late 1970s about them. A shortage of lorry drivers has led to fears of food shortages. Nurses are thinking about taking industrial action over pay.
Freshen Up With 13 Of The Best Personal Hygiene Products As You Head Back To School " Read Now!
It's vital to take care of your health and hygiene.
I struggled with office life. Now others are alive to benefits of remote working
struggle with a mild form of face blindness, or prosopagnosia. The condition, usually associated with autism, makes it difficult to remember people's faces.
PlaticARM is a functional, natively-flexible 32-bit ARM chipset
Wearable tech is nothing new, though definitely trendy and currently on the rise. Same goes for the broad Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.
Three Popular Machine Learning Methods
Photo by Hunter Harritt on Unsplash As I've been diving deeper into the world of Data Science, there's been a plethora of articles and ttorials on advanced Machine Learning topics.
This Japanese artisan has devised a technique to make real leather looked like beautiful grunge silver
By meticulously adding pieces of silver foil to leather, Kyotonese artisan Hiroto Rakusho gives the material an appearance that's absolutely unmatched.
Flashback: Sony Ericsson Satio and a look at how far camera phones have come in the last decade
The Satio was Sony Ericsson's first phone with a 12MP camera. It very nearly became the first 12MP phone ever, but it was beaten by a few months by rival Pixon12 from Samsung.
2021 NHL Draft: Sharks select Evgenii Kashnikov in seventh round
It took awhile, but the draft finally began to wind down into the seventh round, and the San Jose Sharks had just one pick remaining.