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An Indian Chef's Sweet Success Leads to Her First Restaurant at the Seaport District
Chef Surbhi Sahni emerges from Tagmo's kitchen carrying a round yellow plate of jewel-toned mithai nestled in brown wrappers. The chewy, bite-sized confections sparkle in the light.
Some Manhattan Restaurants Still Aren't Enforcing the Vaccine Mandate, Report Finds
City officials began enforcing New York City's vaccine mandate earlier this week, but some Manhattan restaurants have yet to get on board, according to a recent segment from Inside Edition.
Opinion | The Pizza-Paved Path to the Far Side of the Covid Pandemic
Mr. Bruni is a contributing Opinion writer who was on the staff of The Times for more than 25 years.
By Chloe's Founder Takes Jab at Vegan Chain's Rebrand to Beatnic
Chef and By Chloe founder Chloe Coscarelli is closing the door on years of legal drama with the fast casual vegan chain now that it's under new ownership, but she's not above dropping a few zingers on the way out.
The British retailer Marks & Spencer blames Brexit as it closes French stores.
Marks & Spencer, the large British retailer that has been battling Brexit costs and delays for months, said on Thursday that it would close its 11 food stores in France.
More Whimsy, Less Menace: Parking Cops' Three-Wheelers Are Reborn
"When a meter maid car is out overnight, it's people's time to vent their frustrations," one longtime San Francisco owner said. So owners break out the paint to stand out.
At the Heart of Brooklyn's Newest Taqueria, a Massive Vat of Stewed Meats
In a city that seems to have one ear perpetually upturned for Mexican food trends, it's no surprise that Taqueria Ramirez has been turning heads.
DoorDash Sues New York City Twice in One Week
DoorDash is suing New York City over a law that would require the company to share the data it collects on customers with restaurants.
Wau, From the Laut Chef, Opens on the Upper West Side
Coco Pazzo moves to the former Giorgione space; Le Coq Rico becomes La Rotisserie; and more restaurant news.
The Upper West Side has just gained a significant addition to its dining lineup.
Sweeping Industry Survey Details Hellish Conditions Endured by NYC's Delivery Workers
NYC delivery workers are regularly experiencing low wages, stolen tips, and rampant theft while on the job, according to a new industry survey published this week.