10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers - 15th October 2021
A small functional and immutable Finite State Machine library. Using state machines for your components brings the declarative programming approach to application state.
Can you microdose alcohol? Experts reveal a counterintuitive side effect
In Danish director Thomas Vinterberg's latest film, Another Round, friends Martin, Tommy, Peter, and Nikolaj agree to conduct a little experiment: they will stay moderately drunk throughout the day to see how it affects their social and professional performance.
5 Types of Diets for Healthier Eating
As the holidays start to roll in, so do the endless treats and hearty meals.
Art with Me Announces More Artists for Miami Debut - Anja Schneider, Oliver Koletzki, Phillipp Jung, Guy Laliberte & Dubtribe Sound System perform
Art With Me, the acclaimed multi-disciplinary international arts and culture festival, has announced its official Miami debut on November 26th - 28th, 2021 and now completes the line up with a mouthwatering list of 27 new names including Anja Schneider, m.O.N.R.O.E., Oliver Koletzki, Phillipp Jung (Beauty & The Beast), Guy Laliberté, Dubtribe Sound System (live) on top of the already announced likes of Sublime with Rome, Lee Burridge presents All Day I Dream, Culture Profética, Tycho: Iso50, Amémé, Behrouz, Bird of Mind, Rodriguez Jr. (Live), Serge Devant and more.
To stay focused on your work, create a to-do list. Then burn it
I once had a job where every day, I'd get a list of what needed to be done. The list was always longer than was humanly possible to achieve.
At first it seemed like a Sisyphean struggle.
3 Must-Have Attributes That Make for Great Business Leadership
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.
What makes a great business leader?
Ask 10 different entrepreneurs, and you're likely to get 10 different answers.
Tucker Carlson Mocking Buttigeg's Paternity Leave Misses This Crucial Point
Tucker Carlson stokes the rage machine by strategically attacking people - often from minority groups - for attention.
Patriots vs Cowboys preview: 4 matchups that could decide Sunday's game
It's almost as if the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys have swapped places in recent seasons.
Sunak expected to confirm end to public sector pay freeze
Rishi Sunak is set to confirm that the "pause" on public sector pay that affected 2.6 million teachers, police and civil servants will be lifted in April, as the economy bounces back from Covid.
This Zoom-friendly charging station elevates + charges everything from your iPad to your laptop, making it the complete WFH package!
This all-in-one charging station is the complete package - taking you from home comfort to professional Zoom call ready with its inbuilt Bodo Board, Bodo Stand, multiple wireless charging points as well as a Zoom Light in one neat setup.