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Triptico Building in Cordoba is divided into three vertical houses
Designed by three local architects - Mariela Marchisio, Cristián Nanzer and Germán Margherit - the multi-unit building occupies a lot that is 10 metres wide and 25.7 metres deep, and bounded by party walls. 1
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The alien-inspired Orb clock by MB&F blossoms open and stands on its four petal-shaped feet
If you think about it, the art of telling the time has always had an element of performance to it.
This biophilic air purifier uses 100% fully biodegradable filters to combat landfill waste!
Olus is a compact, biophilic air purifier designed for those living in small city spaces and is stocked with 100% fully biodegradable filters to combat landfill waste.
This self-sustainable cloud server is powered by the energy of growing tomatoes indoor!
Picture a post-apocalyptic future where human beings don't have the liberty of dependence on power stations.
Neutra's VDL II House hosts Built In group exhibition in Los Angeles
A house designed by famed modernist Richard Neutra is both site and muse for an exhibition that sees artists, architects and designers create works that respond directly to the architecture.
This puffer jacket is filled with single-use masks and shows the pandemic-related environmental issues!
The pandemic has led to a huge lifestyle shift and in the bid to stay safe, the environment is suffering from the excessive use of plastic to wrap items, chemicals to sanitize, and the millions (or billions) of single-use PPE that eventually contribute to pollution.
"Authentic Balenciaga looks" released in video game Fortnite
Fashion house Balenciaga has collaborated with video game Fortnite to release a collection of in-game clothes and limited edition physical garments.
Philippe Starck and Lualdi create intelligent door system for hotels
Dezeen promotion: French creator Philippe Starck has teamed up with Italian brand Lualdi to create Welcome, a system of door accessories that turn a hotel-room door into a smart device. - Superfluous (object) futures
Created by Ignacio Pérez (ECAL MID), is a critical tool that questions our models of manufacturing and consumption, exploiting the control of creation algorithms in order to interrogate current patterns of design, production and legislation.
Womb Lamp series by Jan Ernst via Galerie Revel
Dezeen Showroom: sold via Galerie Revel, the Womb Lamp series by designer Jan Ernst is inspired by the South African landscape and intends to bring a "primeval energy" to table lighting.