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Postmodern architecture celebrated in illustrations by Adam Nathaniel Furman
Designer Adam Nathaniel Furman has created a vividly coloured illustration series called Postmodern Icons, which celebrates buildings such as London's Isle of Dogs Pumping Station and Chicago's James R Thompson Center. 1
Often colourful and eclectic, postmodern architecture flourished in the 1980s and 1990s as a pushback against the functional ethos of modernism. 1
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Hotel and co-working combine in Buckle Street Studios by Grzywinski+Pons
New York-based Grzywinski+Pons has completed a hotel in east London for the Locke group, featuring glass block walls and a mezzanine for co-working.
Dezeen Jobs posted a record 3,600 vacancies in 2021 as the recruitment market booms
Happy new year from Dezeen Jobs! Last year we helped 1,760 companies with their recruitment needs, confirming our position as the world's most vibrant architecture and design jobs board.
Blast Studio 3D prints column from mycelium to make "architecture that could feed people"
London practice Blast Studio has developed a method for 3D printing with living mycelium and used it to form a column that could be harvested for mushrooms before serving as a structural building element.
This device turns air into pure drinking water, providing 10 liters of fresh mineral water each day - Yanko Design
What's funny about the idea of progress is that it's much more layered than we think.
This insanely detailed Hayabusa scale-down model is made entirely out of paper - Yanko Design
With a dizzying level of detail all the way down to the cylinders on the engine and even the needles on the speedometer, this tiny Suzuki GAX1300R Hayabusa model shows how versatile and powerful paper is as a material.
OnePlus is allegedly toying with the idea of a smartphone with a single large rotating camera - Yanko Design
Based off a patent from 2020 discovered by LetsGoDigital, OnePlus could possibly be working on a smartphone with a single primary lens that rotates independently, eliminating tilt while filming videos for more stabilized footage.
Black + Decker's latest Kitchen Appliance is like a Keurig for cocktails - Yanko Design
Unveiled at CES 2022, the $300 Black + Decker Bev is an automatic bartender that whips up the tastiest cocktails and mocktails for you on the spot.
Brionvega Totem rr231 stereo system transforms from minimalist art piece to functional audio machine - Yanko Design
Even audiophiles might not be listening to music all day, so this modern take on a 70s audio system transforms into a piece of minimalist room decor when not in use.
Valentino Gareri Atelier designs eco-village made from 3D-printed cacao waste
Valentino Gareri Atelier has unveiled renderings of the Cacao Eco Village in Ecuador for local farmers that will feature 3D-printed buildings made from recycled cacao.