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Omar Gonzalez's late goal lifts Toronto FC past Nashville SC, ending 6-game skid | CBC Sports
Toronto FC snapped a six-game losing streak Saturday, defeating Nashville SC 2-1 on Omar Gonzalez's 79th-minute goal.
Shooting in downtown Toronto leaves 1 dead, 2 others injured
TORONTO -- One person was killed, and two others were injured in a shooting in Regent Park Saturday night.
COVID-19 outbreak declared at another Toronto elementary school
TORONTO -- A COVID-19 outbreak has been declared at another Toronto public school.
'Belfast' wins People's Choice prize at Toronto International Film Festival
TORONTO -- "Belfast" from writer-director Kenneth Branagh has won the People's Choice prize at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Toronto ice dancers Piper Gilles, Paul Poirier win Autumn Classic International | CBC Sports
Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier of Toronto carried their ice dancing success from the spring into this week's Autumn Classic, opening the international season with a victory in Pierrefonds, Que.
Teoscar Hernandez's 3-run shot spurs Blue Jays to victory over Twins | CBC Sports
A three-run homer in the fourth inning by Blue Jays outfielder Teoscar Hernandez was enough to terminate the Minnesota Twins' eight-game win streak at Rogers Centre.
Retailers Rethink Pandemic-Battered Manhattan
Starbucks has closed more than 40 stores, while adding mobile-order pickup counters in others. 1
With the pandemic keeping millions of New York City office employees home for the past year, restaurants, coffee shops, apparel retailers and others struggled to stay afloat. 1
Pret a Manger has reopened only half of the 60 locations it had in New York City before the pandemic. 1
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'My Heart Started Pounding When I Realized I Was That Someone'
Distressed on the Dumbo pier, meeting a college basketball legend and more reader tales of New York City in this week's Metropolitan Diary.
Dear Diary:
Footage Reveals New Details in Tourist Melee at N.Y.C. Restaurant
Three Black women from Texas were arrested, but a lawyer for one called it "mutual combat" after they were called a racial slur.
Manhattan man first to visit every Citi Bike station
He's been around the dock.
Rep. Lee Zeldin Confirms Leukemia Diagnosis
Mr. Zeldin, a conservative Republican, says the disease is in remission, and that his bid for governor of New York will be unaffected.
As Climate Change Fears Grow, a Real Fight Over Fake Turf
A city's decision to replace actual grass with a synthetic version sets off a conflict over the possible environmental and health risks of the move.
The Ultimate Guide To Enjoying The Brooklyn Flea Market
Even a week spent in Brooklyn, New York, won't cover all the exciting things people can do.
Man who kicked woman down NYC subway escalator arrested: cops
The suspect who was caught on camera kicking a woman down a subway escalator was arrested for the heartless assault, police said.
Brooklyn BagelFest coming to City Point in October * Brooklyn Paper
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DOT get to work on Wythe Avenue, Navy Street bike lanes * Brooklyn Paper
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Another fire on blazing East Flatbush junkyard block * Brooklyn Paper
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Southern BK cyclists support Sunset Park bike lane plan, despite pol's claims at local meeting * Brooklyn Paper
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Hearing Loss Association of America to Host Special Transit Event
Posted on September 18, 2021 at 9:51 pm by West Sider
The first meeting of the year of the NYC chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America will be on September 21 at 6:00-7:30.
Saturday: An Eco/Arts Festival on Amsterdam Avenue
Posted on September 17, 2021 at 12:58 pm by West Sider
Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance. Photo by Jun Hua Eu.
Fundraiser Started for Delivery Worker Killed in Hit and Run; 'My Brother's Dream Was to Build a House for His Family'
Posted on September 17, 2021 at 1:33 pm by West Sider
Jose Garcia Gomez. Photo via Kerri Gawryn.
By Fernanda Martinez
Three Texas Women Charged in Assault on Carmine's Hostess Over Proof of Vaccination
Posted on September 17, 2021 at 8:04 am by Carol Tannenhauser
By Carol Tannenhauser
Chalupa Elected Riverside Park 2021 G.O.A.T.; Bo Peep Has Lost...
Posted on September 15, 2021 at 10:59 pm by Carol Tannenhauser
By Carol Tannenhauser
Here's the Dish: Silver Moon Bakery's Chocolate Chip Cookie
Posted on September 15, 2021 at 11:06 am by Carol Tannenhauser
By Regan Elyse Murray
Here's the dish on Silver Moon's gooey-yet-crunchy, chewy-but-soft chocolate chip cookie.
Columbia Room's Tasting Room Will Return With $120 Insect, Algae, and Mushroom Cocktail Menu
The first cocktail on the menu is a margarita-like sour with aquafaba (chickpea water, often used as a vegan substitute to egg whites) and black ants. 1The critters have an acidic smoky flavor, which Brown incorporates with citrus into a sour mix. 1("You will taste the ants," Brown assures.) 1The drink can be made with either tequila or a non-alcoholic agave distillate. 1
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Cops and Journalists Vastly Outnumbered the Attendees at Saturday's Far-Right Rally in DC | Washingtonian (DC)
The new fencing around the Capitol proved unnecessary Saturday.
6 Things You Can Do in DC This Weekend That Have Nothing to do with the Far-Right Rally
In a city still reeling from the January 6 riots, the far-right "#JusticeforJ6″ protest planned at the Capitol this Saturday is understandably getting a lot of attention leading up to this weekend.
Capitol Police, DC Police Prepare for Potential Violence at Saturday's Far-Right Rally
Though they expect the event to be safe and peaceful, Capitol Police, DC Police, and other agencies are preparing for the possibility of violence at the far-right rally taking place at the Capitol on Saturday, officials said at a press conference Friday.
It's Pawpaw Season. So, What Exactly is a Pawpaw?
It's pawpaw season in DC, so before it ends, you may as well figure out what the heck a pawpaw is.
Pawpaws are one of the few fruits native to the US.
Live Up the Last Official Weekend of Summer at These DC-Area Bars and Restaurants
Not ready for socks and everything pumpkin spice? Cling to the last official weekend of summer at these sunny DC-area destinations for ice cream, crabs, frozen cocktails, and more.
Debunking the Pro-Trump Right's Claims About the Jan. 6 Riot
A rally scheduled for Saturday in Washington is intended to continue a Republican effort to rewrite the narrative of the assault on the Capitol. 1
But, in fact, nearly half of the more than 600 people charged have been accused only of misdemeanors like trespassing and disorderly conduct, rather than more serious felonies. 1
At this point, more than 50 of these low-level defendants have pleaded guilty. 1
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Capitol police arrest man with knives in his truck near Democratic party headquarters
Patrol officers noticed a Dodge Dakota pickup truck that bore a swastika and had other white supremacist symbols painted on it around midnight on Sunday. 1According to pictures released by the police, the truck did not have a license plate but instead a picture of an American flag. 1The truck also had antlers attached to its front grill. 1
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The 'Justice for J6' Rally Did Not Resemble January 6
The right-wing rally at the Capitol turned out to be a forum for random grievances, and an opportunity to dress like Batman.
Capitol Police Make Four Arrests Surrounding 'Justice for J6' Rally in Support of Jan. 6 Breach
The U.S. Capitol Police on Saturday announced several arrests surrounding a protest over the treatment of various individuals connected to the Jan. 6th siege on the U.S. Capitol Complex more than eight months ago.
Heavy Police Presence as a Few Hundred Protesters Arrive for Rally at U.S. Capitol
WASHINGTON, D.C. (CBS News) - In a city still on edge after the January 6 insurrection, law enforcement bore down in large numbers on the Capitol on Saturday over concerns that a rally in support of the jailed rioters would turn violent.
US Capitol: Pro Trump protest draws just a few hundred | DW | 17.09.2021
A few hundred protesters gathered in Washington D.C. on Saturday in support of those charged over the US Capital riots in January.
Biden urges Congress to hike taxes on higher income Americans to pay for $3.5T bill
The capital gains tax rate would increase to 25 percent - up from 20 percent - but that also would only impact incomes over $400,000. 1
The top corporate tax rate would increase to 26.5 percent - from 21 percent - for businesses earning over $5 million. 1
It would cap childcare expenses for most workers at 7 percent of income and subsidize 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave. 1
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TL;DNR = Too Late; Do Not Resuscitate - emptywheel
[ NB: check the byline, thanks!
A friend sent me this tweet with an embedded TikTok clip late Friday night:
Universal DNR. SCARY STUFF. 10:18 PM · Sep 17, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
Biden's Entire Presidential Agenda Rests on Expansive Spending Bill
A plan for the economy, education, immigration, climate and more binds disparate Democratic lawmakers, but the proposal risks sinking under its own weight.
Biden's Entire Presidential Agenda Rests on Expansive Spending Bill
A plan for the economy, education, immigration, climate and more binds disparate Democratic lawmakers, but the proposal risks sinking under its own weight.
The Promise of Carbon-Neutral Steel
Steel production accounts for around seven per cent of humanity's greenhouse-gas emissions. There are two reasons for this startling fact.
Biden beset by leadership woes at home, abroad after eight months in office
Self-inflicted crises are piling up for President Biden.
His leadership suffered serious blows on multiple fronts in rapid succession Friday.
Opinion | Don't Let 'Stop the Steal' Steal the Show
They also tell the audience that the speaker will do anything necessary to "stop the steal," which is to say anything to stop a Republican from losing an election and, barring that, anything to delegitimize the Democrat who won. 1
But as the legal scholar Ned Foley has argued, the assertion of fraud - the falsification of reality in support of narrow political goals - is more akin to McCarthyism. 1
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Fears of US government shutdown as debt ceiling game of chicken begins
Top Democrats are expected to dare Republicans to block a stopgap funding measure, which would trigger the double-barreled fiscal crisis of the US defaulting on its mammoth debt and a shutdown of the federal government, according to two sources familiar with the proposal.
California recall vote show Trump's big lie is now Republican playbook
It was a pre-emptive strike against truth by some of the biggest names on the American right wing.
Former president Donald Trump warned that the ballot would be "rigged".
In Orange County, the Recall's Defeat Echoes Years of G.O.P. Erosion
Voters struck down the effort to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom, continuing the political seesawing that has defined the former Republican stronghold.
Texas Lawmakers, After a Rightward Shift, Plan for More of the Same
The state recently completed one of its most conservative legislative sessions, widening a divide among many residents.
Opinion | Joe Manchin Got the Voting Bill He Wanted. Time to Pass It.
The editorial board is a group of opinion journalists whose views are informed by expertise, research, debate and certain longstanding values. It is separate from the newsroom.
Telegram has seen a sharp rise in cybercriminal activities, report says | Engadget
And FT says the rise in criminal activity on the app came after users flocked to it following a change in WhatsApp's privacy policy. 1
Tal Samra, cyber threat analyst at Cyberint, explained: "Its encrypted messaging service is increasingly popular among threat actors conducting fraudulent activity and selling stolen data ... as it is more convenient to use than the dark web." 1
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U.S. panel votes to approve $1 billion for FTC privacy probes
WASHINGTON, Sept 14 (Reuters) - The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee voted on Tuesday to give the Federal Trade Commission $1 billion to set up a bureau dedicated to improving data security and privacy and fighting identity theft. 1
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Covid and Afghanistan 'reveal weakness of UK's security policy'
The rapid fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the response to the Covid-19 pandemic have revealed "serious weaknesses" in the government's approach to dealing with national security, according to a highly critical cross-party report.
FTC's Health Breach Notification Rule - Wait, did you say "FTC's???"
What does it say when a HIPAA lawyer with years of experience says he didn't know the FTC has a health breach notification rule?
Seen on Jeff Drummond's blog:
LAPD to stop requesting civilians' social security numbers after backlash
The Los Angeles police department (LAPD) has moved to end its practice of requesting the social security numbers of civilians officers question, after immigrants' rights advocates raised concerns about potential violations of sanctuary laws meant to protect undocumented residents.
Simon Eye notifies more than 144,000 patients after hacker accessed employee email accounts
Simon Eye Management ("Simon Eye") recently became aware of suspicious activity related to certain employee email accounts.